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After a breakup, you may think about giving your relationship a new chance, you might try reconciling once again, trying not to make the same mistakes. In this article we offer you a list of texts that you may find helpful for you show how happy you feel for having reconciled with your partner.

Do not forget that it is very important to make an effort to have a lasting and beautiful relationship.

Free examples of love texts for your partner:

– “When I saw you near me, all the beautiful memories we have shared together came to my mind, and all the time I have spent without you has been very difficult for me. But now that we are back together, what I want to do is thank you for this new opportunity you are giving me. I will never let you down because you do not have idea what you mean to me. I love you. “
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– “When you left me, all I felt in my heart was pain and disgust with myself because I was guilty of everything we have been through. All the roads I take make me pass in front of your house and make me think more of you. I would like to thank heaven for keeping the love we feel for each other intact and for giving us the opportunity to get back together. I love you. “
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– “I thank you wholeheartedly because you cannot imagine all the happiness you are giving me. I promise you that everything will be different now, because we love each other and I do not want to leave you ever again. “
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– “You cannot imagine how much I admire you because you are a person with great nobility. I promise to always be by your side, watching out for you and making you the happiest woman of all. You are everything for me and I will never risk what we have again, I swear. I have been a fool and I thank you for forgiving me. I love you. “
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– “When I remember everything we have been through together and all the problems that we have overcome, I realize that our love is true and pure. You do not know how happy I am because we are together again, but now I promise to be better. I am sure we will always be together. You know I adore you and I want us to be together forever. “
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– “You know how much I love you, but it is hard to prove it, you know that well. But nothing is going to get in what we have, that is why I apologize. I know I was the one to blame for all the problems we have had and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this new opportunity. You are all I need to be happy. I adore you, my love. “
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A reconciliation is always nice because it is the reconnection with the person you love so much and with whom you want to spend your time. Do not forget how important it is to show how much you love your partner, think that it is never enough when the feeling it is true. We hope you come back soon to our website. Good luck.

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