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When we go to a hospital the first person who attends us is a nurse. They have a lot of sacrifice and work full time. These are professionals who provide their care and attention for people who are sick can feel better.

A profession as selfless as nursing has stated in the schedule a special day for its tribute. In this article we present two examples of special greetings for nurses in their day. Through these messages you can thank these professionals for their important work.



Model 1 of a speech for nurse’s day:

This day is very important because today the world pays tribute to all nurses who give their best every day to save lives and care of their patients. If it would not be for you it would be much more difficult to face the symptoms of a disease.

The nurses are women that give us a true vocation proper care in the moments that we require. This profession is one that requires more dedication. Thanks to these professionals we may feel relief when have some ailment. They are who assist doctors and patients to be more bearable to deal with a disease.




These professionals have vocation of service and whether in big cities or remote areas they are always present. They only have to calm and transmit that through a smile make us feel that everything will be better.

On this special day I wish to cordially greet all nurses who are gathered here today, they are great partners in the service provided in hospitals or clinics. You are who accompany patients and make them feel better. I wish you to have a great day.



Model 2 of a speech for nurse’s day:

This important tribute is dedicated with great affection for all those women who chose a career in nursing. To make such a decision is required to be very dedicated, very responsible and above all have a great ability to provide service.

The love and kindness with which nurses take care of those in poor health are important for them to feel better. The drugs that the patients receive by treatments are essential; however a very important part of the process is the great affection that they give them.

In each nurse we can see that there is a real willingness to help to calm the anxieties and relieve the discomfort of people who feel bad. These very prepared and well – meaning professionals feel a greatest satisfaction in the performance of his career when the improvement in people who are attending is positive.

I wish many congratulations to all the nurses on this important day, you deserve our admiration and respect for the so dedicated work that you all perform within your workplace. Many congratulations on this day of the nurse.

We hope that these special greetings for nurses in their day have been to your liking. These professionals will be happy to know that society value their effort.



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