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Today to hear our favorite songs and best videos, you do not necessarily have to do it at home in front of your television or radio, so for that you can also use other options offered by technology as a cell phone.

We can easily download music using free websites for this purpose. But what happens if you cannot hear the song that you have already downloaded on your cell phone? The solution is simple: you need a converter to 3PG format.

In this article we’ll show you which ones are the most used 3pg video converters in the market, their advantages and disadvantages and other information necessary to always be able to have your videos and favorite songs on your mobile device.

Free 3GP Video Converter

This is an excellent video and music converter, which allows you to do almost everything. That is, you can convert video files to the format you want. The most commons are avi, mov or 3PG, which are used in mobile phones.

Furthermore, another advantage is that you can extract sound from a video and pass it to mp3 format and then you can listen to it on any mobile device. This converter is compatible with the latest versions of Windows and you can use it in more than 10 languages including Spanish and English.

Magic 3GP Video Converter

It is a very good choice, but there is still only in English version. It works easily converting videos to 3PG format.

You select the file to convert, choose the format to be converted and quality for sound or video, you also choose the destination in which you want to save it and finally it is ready to be converted. There is a free trial, so you could use it and see if it meets your expectations.

3GP Converter 0.34

This converter has a very friendly version in Spanish, very useful to convert your videos to the format you want. Actually, you have more than 20 formats and conversion option including 3PG format which is very common among the formats supported by mobile devices.

For this process you will make use of your computer where you have to download the application. Then choose the video to convert, choose the desired format and destination folder or location. This process will take more or less depending on the weight of the file to be converted.

Im TOO 3GP Video Converter

It is widely used and recommended for videos that will be seen on blackberry phones. This converter is very good and will allow you to convert your favorite videos to 3PG format or any other you would like.

An additional advantage is that this converter allows you to extract audio and convert it to formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA or others. Besides the conversion of files to 3PG format, they can be viewed in HD. There is a trial version, free of course. We recommend using it and you will see it’s an excellent converter.

Ultra Mobile 3GP Video Converter

It is a very good audio and video converter, which works very similar to those discussed above. You can convert your videos to 3PG format or another one.

Also you can edit the audio or video, if you want to save a demo video or your favorite song. Currently there is a free trial version but it is in English, it is a very good product highly recommendable.

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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