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People are lucky to be born with a unique set of skills and characteristics that make us special, even before birth, in our brain there is already a configuration that sets us apart from the rest and keeps developing and specializing as we get older. Within these aspects that distinguish us we find many items, such as art work, the way we express ourselves, etc.

When we reach the point where we’ve matured it is easier to determine what we like, what we do not like, how we are and what we are capable of, among other things. By having this information, we are able to make decisions about work, about how we want to live and what we need to do to achieve our goals. There are those who, from birth, have many specific skills on certain areas, for example having the vocation of service and of serving others with excellence, we must have many skills and readiness.

Among the jobs that require these skills, we found being a waiter to be one of them; even though from outside it might look like a simple task to become a good bartender, it is necessary to satisfy many criteria that not everyone can achieve properly. As in any other area, there are different levels according to the skill showed by the waiter; it is about being the best. If you are working as a waiter and you want to work in a place that allows you to have some stability, ideally you should do it within an organization of recognized prestige, in which you can demonstrate your skills and grow professionally.

To do this, the most important thing will be your presentation and what speaks of you better will be having a perfect resume, presented with a model letter, that makes anyone who read it attracted and interested in your profile, which will get you to be the chosen one and the right person to work in such an important position. If you do not know how to do it properly, we recommend that you read the example below and to feel free to make the necessary changes for it to suit your profile perfectly.

Excellente cover letter for your CV:



My name is (name of the person concerned) and I am very pleased to have the opportunity to appear before such an organization / restaurant / hotel. It is an honor to address you by presenting my CV, aspiring for the job position mentioned, because I think that I have the necessary qualities to work properly, providing exceptional service, such as the ones you are looking for.

My performance in the field is quite broad, having already (specify how many years you have been working in the sector) years working properly, willing to serve and help when needed. I consider myself friendly, with great responsibility and knowledge of the impact that customers have on the business, because they are the axis of the whole organization. The most important thing is how the company is perceived by the public and the only way of showing quality is providing an exemplary care.

I have a very good ability to adapt to the existing schemes on how to act and function, which allow me to provide spectacular galas to the customers, making them want to return to meet again with the personalized attention. I have training on how to serve the guests in the best way and that is how I manage to provide them exceptionally.

Hopefully you will be able to study in depth the profile that I offer you, considering my skills and CV; if you were to request additional information regarding the paperwork, please let me know to provide it as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you and remain at complete disposal of the selection process.
I would like to thank you for the care given, honestly hoping that you find success in all your endeavors.


Your signature

The best letters are those that help you entry to a world of opportunities and therefore they need to be enthusiastic and careful, to have a good presentation to invite people to want to know more about you, you will see how important it is.

Hope you do well and you struggle to get what you want. If you happen to need some extra advice or else, remember that you can come back anytime you want to our site, because we are always updating it with the latest content regarding a lot of important issues such as this one. See you soon, good luck!

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tips to write a letter for your CV, model to write a letter for your CV, advice to write a letter for your CV, ideas to write a letter for your CV, example to write a letter for your CV

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