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Where to find Job Opportunities for an Au Pair :

Young women who want to work as au pairs must first contact any recruiting agencies for this kind of work, and pay them a certain amount of money to register and get a home to host them for a defined period.

We recommend verifying these au pair agencies and career websites are a member of the International Au Pair Association ( This will make the process and coordination for immigrating and living in another country easier.

Au pair agencies are the only in charge of providing registered young women with a family, and of managing the required visa procedures and applications. Generally, these expenses are included in the payments made by the interested girls when they register.

Interested Latin American young women have greater chances in the United States, as families in Europe prefer to hire young women coming from their continent. However, European countries like Spain and Germany do not mind hiring Latin American young women who are fluent in the relevant language.

The au pair program is well accepted because it is considered a cultural exchange program rather than a kind of work. Every year, hundreds of young women from around the world, especially Latin America, are hosted by American families.

The following agencies can make dreams come true for young women interested in travelling abroad and have a cultural experience. But, they must be willing to take care of children and do all kinds of domestic chores. Next, some au pair agencies and career websites from many countries:

1. KIOKS: this website has information about several study and cultural exchange programs in the United States. Among its programs is the famous au pair one, aimed at young women experienced in taking care of children or with pre-school education training.

2. APNI: this is a career website for young au pairs and nannies who are interested in working in Great Britain.

3. Au Pair Search: it is aimed at young women interested in working in Europe, specifically Germany, Spain, France, England, Italy and Portugal. No payment is required to register in this career website, but if you are later interested in information about families who want to hire an au pair, you must pay 49 dollars.

4. Great Au Pair: it is an international employment agency that offers au pair services. It operates since 2001 and has placed over a million young women in European, Australian, American and Canadian homes. No payment is required to register with this agency.

5. VETE: it is a Mexican website that offers many programs for immigrating, working and living abroad, the au pair program among them.

6. Learn 4 Good: it is a very popular career website, and it offers jobs for Australia, England, the United States and Canada. The au pair is among its employment programs. For further information, visit

7. Easy Expat: this website offers much information about au pair agencies and career websites in England.

8. Au Pair Spain: this work agency from Spain offers au pair services to families in that country. Their job opportunities are aimed at young women coming from other European countries.

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