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Life is the sum of all the times we live, the good, the bad and the ones that teach us what it is all about. In this wonderful journey full of ups and downs, there will be times in which you will meet many people, some who will join you for a while, others for life in this path we have to walk.

Some people have a greater impact in our lives than others, and although most of them stay with us for a short time, we will remember them forever. From our interaction with others, we define who we are, what we want, what we like and what we do not.

On this occasion we would like to focus on the first approach we have with someone that we are interested in, a person with whom we would like to have something more than just a friendship. The precise moment in which we realize that is amazing, the day that everything changes and simply we do not longer look at her with the same eyes, the moment we want something more, in which holding her hand means like touching the sky.

If you were dating someone who brings you crazy and you would like to formalize the relationship a little more, asking her to be your girlfriend, well here we bring you tips as messages that you can use to win her heart.

Free examples of seduction phrases:

:: “What is up, honey? I write to you because I have been thinking a lot about you and that we have already been going out some time now. This has made me think, well actually feel, but the truth is that you have conquered my heart and I want to see you always, be able to have you every day, to share my fears and my dreams with you and that you also share with me all your concerns and goals.

I wish we were together, so basically I write this, because I want us to be engaged and so be a better person for you every day of my life. I hope you want the same as me and I will wait for your answer as soon as possible, because the truth is that I cannot take it anymore. I love you. ”
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:: “I need you to know that I cannot give you any longer my friendship, I do not want us to be just that, because what I really want is to hold your hand, to smell your hair, to kiss you passionately and to embrace you as if nothing else existed. So that is it, this is my declaration of love and nothing would make me happier than you gave me a yes, my life. I have very good feeling of what could get to be, so do not take too long, I need to know if you accept me now. ”
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:: “How wonderful it is to feel the warmth of your skin on mine; there is nothing more amazing than having you by my side, that our gaze crosses and from that encounter to be born a tender laugh, that laugh that I love and that makes me fall in love with you. I cannot deny it any more, I fell in love and there is no turning back for me. I love your friendship, but for me the situation is unsustainable now and I want more. I love you. ”
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:: “As the sun rises in the morning and its first beam resting on my face, from that moment I am thinking of you, what you are doing and what you are thinking. I am interested in everything you do, everything you want, everything you dream of. You are a wonderful, admirable, feisty and constant woman, and those are the attributes that I most respect about you. I wish we were dating, I say that to you from my heart. ”
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:: “When you call me by my name I get goose bumps, I get nervous, restless. I still cannot believe that you’ve noticed me, that you listen to me and that you agreed to go out with me. You do not know the pride that this represents for me, it makes me incredibly happy. We have gone out several times now and I think that what I have to say cannot wait any longer: I am interested in you as a woman for a serious relationship and I promise to give you everything in my power and more. ”
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Express to her all that you feel in your soul, you will be fine, because when you speak from the heart, the other person feels it too.

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