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Who has not forgotten to greet someone for their birthday? this actually happens quite often and it is not because our memory is failing but despite we have so many technological advances such as smartphones, PDAs, social networks, etc., sometimes we miss it because we are too busy or for other reasons.

If something like this has happened to you, do not worry because there are many ways to fix it. You can send a belated birthday greeting to that person you love so much, they will understand that you could not greet them before. To help you do this, we have prepared a list of belated birthday greetings for you to use. Check our article below and select the phrase that you like the most.

Free list of belated birthday messages:

– “Pretty girl, I wish you many congratulations on your birthday. I am so sorry I am just greeting you, I was away on a trip for a few days and with no phone connection. I hope you had a great time. See you soon, a big hug. “
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– “Dear Gonzalo, I hope you had a nice birthday, I am so sorry for not greeting you before, what happens is that I have been very busy with work and with my studies. I love you, you are almost like a brother to me. Many greetings for you and for your family. “
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– “I was so stressed out yesterday that I could not call you. Dear friend, I hope you spent an unforgettable day next to all your loved ones. May God bless you and may you get to celebrate many more happy years of life. “
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– “It completely slipped my mind that yesterday was your birthday, I am such a bad friend. I hope you understand me please, I love you and I wish you all the best. May your dreams come true and may you be happy with the people who love you. “
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– “I’¡ have no excuse, I am sorry, I should have not forgotten your birthday. It is such an important date that I am really sorry for not having greeted you on time. I love you a lot my friend and even if it is too late I want to say happy birthday to you. “
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– “We are work colleagues for a while now and you still have never told me when it is your birthday. I sincerely hope you have had a great time and on the following year I will greet you on the exact day. “
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– “I guess you feel a little sad because I did not greet you yesterday. It is not that I have forgotten you, my internet connection failed and so I could not write. But today that I can greet you, I just want to say that I wish you all the best in the world. You are a great friend and I will always cherish you. “
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– “I have never forgotten your birthday before, it is the first time and that is why I ask you to please forgive me. My job is so stressful that sometimes I feel I have no life. Congratulations on your birthday Daniel and a meeting to celebrate it is pending. “
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– “Many greetings sister, I hope you enjoyed yourself on the day of your birthday and that you spent a nice day next to your husband and children. I am sorry I am just greeting you, but it is better late than never. I love you very much. “
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– “Vanessa, I hope you had a happy birthday. In truth, not even I can explain to myself how I could forget your birthday, I owe you a huge hug and a gift. Do not worry that I will make it up to you for not having greeted you on time. “
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