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uses of computers, computer uses, technology usesComputing and its benefits in today’s society

Currently, computers have invaded almost every aspect of human relations. Key activities for the system as business or health care base their efficiency on computers. Even though you have not noticed yet, the computer has also affected the way we live. In this article we will show you the benefits that computing offers you.

The main purposes of computing can be seen clearly in performing our daily tasks and in the effectiveness of communications between people. In both contexts, the technology is advancing so fast that relegates what until recently we considered modern. Definitely this rapid development allows us to enhance information via all available forms (web sites, blogs, e-mails)

According to the definition of the Spanish Royal Academy, computer science is a discipline that focuses on the automatic processing of information through a computer. The computer can store, process and transmit information in digital form.

Based on the above, the first benefit of information technology is that it allows users to get information quickly to make important decisions at critical moments. From here it is understood that today’s society is so closely connected to computer and internet represented by a computer.

In business, information technology has also earned an important place, because it is increasingly useful to optimize the processes that lead to a company or organization to full effectiveness. It also ensures that the activities that are part of the business process are conducted without any problems.

Some experts say that computers have become a very important part in today’s society because of three factors: interconnection (easy to process and transmit information), flexibility (always available a big fan of options) and convergence (integration of various elements).

To summarize, the benefits that has brought computing to the evolution of society are:

– Process data: quickly, reliably and secure.
– Be able to store and transfer large amounts of data in portable devices.
– Optimize telecommunications, providing asynchronous communications (at different times) and synchronous (same time)
– Generation and dissemination of all kinds of free information available to any user.
– Facilitating distance education, allowing interactive learning.
– Promote new ways of generating income for many people.

Today, the use of the cloud is being increasingly used. This means that you can have a lot of information stored online and available anytime you want to use. Thus, the computer is no longer a good and became to be a service that should reduce costs and optimize efficiency at work.

However, there are those who contend that exists the “digital divide”, through which differ markedly mass use informatics and that one that is not widely used. This position supports the idea that, leaving aside the benefits, computer produces differences between different communities.

Although mentioned before, no one can deny that computers have become an important part of society. It started as a tool for repetitive activities, however today it is difficult to think about an organization that wants to work well without the use of computers.


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