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A very difficult moment in the lives of all people is when the person you love most passes away. Going through this moment is not easy, so it is always good to be surrounded by people who love us so we can be better.

If you know someone who is going through this difficult situation of having lost a loved one, send that person a text expressing your condolences, your feelings and offering your support. On the lines below we offer you many examples of how you can do this.

Free examples of condolences texts:

– “I hope you and your family can be strong at this moment as just lost a beloved one. I want to offer you my sincere condolences with all the love that I have for you and for your father, may he rest in peace. “
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– “My deepest condolences for the death of your loved one, I know you loved him with all your heart, but I am sure that from wherever he is he will give you the necessary strength so that you can move ahead with your beautiful children, remember you can count on me for anything you need. “
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– “I hope you can get over the death of your grandmother who raised you as if you were her own son. My deepest condolences dear friend, but you will see that everything she taught you will help you live every day of your life with joy. “
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– “The fact that he died does not mean you will not see him again. My deepest condolences and never forget that we will all leave this world at some point, so we must make the most out of our time on this earth while we are alive. “
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– “Now that your grandfather is no longer with us, always remember him as he used to be, you will see that you will be able to overcome this difficult moment, he will always take care of you from heaven.”
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– “Being by the side of the person you loved most to say goodbye is not such a pleasant moment, however you must know that she adored you with all her soul, now it is time to make the most out of the time you have with the people you love you and who are with you. “
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– “You do not know how hard the news has struck me; my deepest condolences dear friend, never forget that he will never leave our mind and that he would like us to be happy.”
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– “I want you to pray to the Lord so that this difficult times the sorrow is not so hard; I start to think about how you must feel and I understand you. You will see that in some time you will be calmer, everything gets calmer with time. “
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– “In this moments I know you do not want to listen to anyone, but you have to know that your dad is now resting in peace and that he is not suffering due to the disease he had. Value what he always gave you and fight for your goals so that he feels very proud of you. “
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– “We all have to leave this world at some point, and now it was the time for that person who you loved so much. Please receive my deepest condolences. “
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We hope you send one of these texts to that person who has recently lost a loved one. We are sure that it will be of much help.

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