Last modified 01/25/2024

Introduction to Netbook computers :

Currently, the Netbook is been widely demanded in the market section of laptops and it is a product usually chosen by young people and adults.

The Netbook is different from a Notebook in many aspects, for instance, they have different sizes, usually ranging between 7 to 12 – inch screens, it has no input for DVD, it has a hard drive that puts up to 160 GB, it has a more limited system (Intel Atom) to be able to run small applications, it is currently working with the Windows XP operating system which produced a greater acceptance among the users.

In reality, the Notebooks are obviously better than these Netbooks, because the latter ones are used only for content consumption, this means that Notebooks are used to produce (and not just consume) applications, projects, and jobs, which generally require a large memory capacity and speed in carrying heavy programs such as graphic design software, multimedia and receiving high – definition videos, games or implementation architecture. In contrast, the Netbook is generally used to view documents, edit some details, browse the Internet and run small programs.

It is a reality that most people only use computers to surf the Internet, many of them do not even know what it is made of or how the machine works, they just switch on the laptop, enter the chat and watch videos on Youtube.

That’s why these new Netbook has been a success among people who do not exploit all the powers of a laptop and also because of its reduced price.

Older adults are characterized by not having a good knowledge of computers and that is why Netbooks can easily accommodate them and their needs, however it is not recommended form them, as the screen and keyboard are too small for their worn eyes.

Today, companies have decided to produce these devices. Currently they represent up to 16% of the total laptop sales in the world and in Europe it is estimated that the sales represent a quarter of the total sale, and especially among the youth and even children. Netbooks have high portability and good performance in the receipt of content via Bluetooth and internet signal reception via wireless, make them prefererable when surfing the internet.

To buy a Netbook emphasis should be placed on factors that will depend heavily on its operation, such as the battery, it is a fundamental aspect due to the highly portable computer that has this miniature, high movement that may have gaps and where there is a plug where you can recharge the battery. Usually this matter is a big point against these devices, their battery duration does not exceed three hours, although some Netbooks allow users to add higher – capacity batteries.

You should take into account the number of slots that contains the computer because the lack of the Netbook in DVD drives, low hard disk space and unable to raise your ability makes it more necessary to load all the information that can take on USB devices or USB flash drives, they can also be used to input peripherals like a mouse. Another important factor is the choice of size, if you want to have a Netbook instead of a Notebook, you should choose one of ten inches and no larger than that, because otherwise it would be almost like a Notebook, but if you choose one that is too small, it might even cause discomfort and certain weariness at the hearing.

In conclusion, the Netbooks are hardly ever considered as an alternative to replace the Notebook because these devices are suited for work certain people, some of them who only use computers for reading e – mails or for more advanced information and engaged in the development of this information.

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