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The end of year is not only a date to celebrate the successes and rethink goals, for businesses is a special occasion that should be harness to develop outreach strategies with their employees and customers.

For example, there are some shopping malls offering to customers some special discounts and decorating stores allusive way to the Christmas and New Year. Thus, their customers and even their workers are filled with Christmas spirit and good energy.

As the example above, there are other ways for our employees and customers to be part of this celebration and receive the good wishes of the company. Here we show two examples of cards you can use for Christmas.

Example No. 1 of a Christmas letter for companies:

MultiStore Mall
2783 The Suns Avenue
Phone 4358929 and 4723982

Dear Sirs:

I cordially greet all those who work with us and are part of MultiStore Mall, to wish them best wishes on this Christmas.

We know that Christmas and New Year are special days for everyone because the ties that bind us to our family and friends get strength, and we can spend unforgettable moments full of joy and reinforcing.

This year has been no exception; our effort has been focused on providing our customers with the best products and unique service, because we are convinced that they are the most important engine.

We earnestly hope that the blessings of baby Jesus fill your hearts with joy and peace to improve the world in which we live.

We congratulate our staff and thank our customers for making the dream of this business to be made. Hope you have a Christmas filled with good times.


MultiStore Mall

Example No. 2 of a Christmas letter for companies:

Telecommunications North Central S.A.
2378 Santa Beatriz Avenue
Tel. 21309812 and 478 263 123

Dear Sirs,

North Central Telecommunications wishes all its employees and customers a Merry Christmas and best wishes for everything to be successful in the coming year.

The effort of our employees has allowed us to grow as a company and get to achieve our goals, the main offer to our customers is an unbeatable service that reinforces their preference and position us as one of the model companies.

We are committed to quality in the service we provide to you, and we hope that our service is one more of the many satisfactions you expect to live in this Christmas.

We hope to receive all the blessings of the Christ child on this Christmas and that means only peace and unity.

We said goodbye, very grateful for your attention

Telecommunications North Central S.A.

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