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Currently we can see that the number of people in search of a job has increased, however, companies have not increased the number of job openings. In this competitive world, getting a good job requires more than just academic preparation by the candidate. Companies value other aspects besides those already known, such as experience, training or good looks.

Employers appreciate if the applicant has some skills and is aware of the requirements of the modern labor market. But do not worry, in this section we present you with some recommendations to keep in mind when going to a job interview and thus have more chances of getting the job that so many dream of.

– The first thing you must have in consideration is to inform yourself about the company in which you are applying for a job opening. One way to show that you are very interested in the job position is investigating the activities of the company, the products or services they offer, etc. By following this advice you can demonstrate that you are an ideal candidate to fill the job opening position.

– Your image is very important, do not you attend a job interview with party clothes. You need to prove that you are a professional. If you are a woman choose a classy suit, a stylish blouse, and a simple hairstyle, soft makeup and avoid using bright colors in your nail polish; if you are a man choose a dark suit and a light colored shirt, wear comfortable shoes and that will project a good image of you. Apply these tips and you will feel more secure when you are with your interviewer.

– Pay attention to what the person who is interviewing you says because they will give you information about the company and also ask you some questions that you must answer to in a clear and precise way. When you talk, use a soft voice, avoid the use of jargon and talk without a hurry. Remember to convey confidence in yourself.

– Do not criticize the company where you worked formerly and do not complain about your former bosses because it shows that you are not a trustworthy person and then you may also speak ill of the company you are currently having the interview. Respond politely and tactfully to each of the questions that make you about your previous work.

– Punctuality is another aspect you have to consider. It is very important that you arrive on time for the job interview because that will speak highly of you. Keep in mind that time is vital within companies, it would be in bad taste to make your interviewer work. Calculate the delays you will have in getting to where the interview will take place and add a half an hour if there is any sudden trouble .

– It may seem like an exaggeration, but body language does speak for us. Show yourself naturally, keep a good posture, do not tense your arms and hands, always shows a slight smile and be sure not to be touching your hair. It is essential to maintain eye contact with the interviewer, if you are looking at other parts of the room, you show disinterest or insecurity.

Now you know. Follow the recommendations that we have given to you to succeed in the way you introduce yourself in a job interview. Best of luck!

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