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Sweet Mother’s Day Letters
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The celebration of the day of the mother happens to be a very significant date, so you must express your greetings to your mom because she gave you life and to the other mothers who belong to your family.

One of the women to whom you send your greetings is your aunt, as she is one of the people who love you most as if you were her own child.

That is why in this day of the mother you should wish her well and make her remember the great affection you feel for her with a beautiful message. Then we present two types of texts for aunt on Mother’s Day, you can use them as guides for elaborate a note to your aunt in this important day.

Mother’s day letter 1 for my aunt

From: Fernando

To: Lorraine

Aunt Lorraine, I want to dedicate these special words to you on this Mother’s Day as you are one of the people I most appreciate in the family and I wish to express my most cordial greetings.

You have always stood by me, I feel very happy to have an aunt so affectionate and kind as you are with me. Since I can remember you have given me your affection, and even now as an adult you still consenting and giving me your love.

I appreciate the advice you give me and I thank you for giving me a word of encouragement when I need it most. I am very pleased that your children enjoy the joy of having a mother as good as you, and also causes me happiness be your nephew. Truly thank you for everything.

For all these reasons and many more I want to wish that today you can have a great day. May this Mother’s Day to be joyful the love of their loved ones.

Many congratulations.

Mother’s day letter 2 for my aunt

From: Bianca

To: Leticia

Dear Aunt Leticia I send you this message on this very important date for you to remember the great love I feel for you and to express my gratitude for everything you have done for me.

All the time you have shown me all your esteem, I have always focused when I needed advice and in the most difficult times you have been with me. Your children are very lucky because they have a great mother for them.

Now that I have my own family I apply each of your teachings and example. The death of my mother was a very sad episode in my childhood, but you could give me all the love I needed to overcome the situation. I appreciate you so much and I thank to God for having you.

On this Mother’s Day I want to greet you in a special way for all you have done for me and for all that you still. There are no words to express the great love I have, you were my second mother and the person who gave me their love and protection.

Have a great Mother’s Day, today and forever your life is full of joy and you can feel the enormous affection I have.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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