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One of the most important steps after starting a business is to make it known to all potential customers and for this, there are a lot of options and even social networks today are presented as a great option, yet is vitally important to use presentation notes as they are a more formal way to reach customers and inform them about the services you will find in the store. At present, local food, such as restaurants, have a boom and can earn a good customer base quickly.

If you are looking to write a note to a restaurant presentation you should include important information such as the types of dishes offered, hours of operation, address, and of course a special promotion to attract customers. This section will bring you two examples of notes which will guide you to make your business presentation.

Example 1 of a restaurant presentation letter:

Montreal, July 25th, 2013

Sabor Criollo Restaurant
340 Grau Street
Phone 4567012 and 4567160

A1 Footwear
980 Puno Street
Phone 2309216

Best regards:

Throughout this note we, Sabor Criollo restaurant, extend an affectionate greeting to all the family of footwear A1 and we inform our store opening.

Restaurant Sabor Criollo is a new proposal which seeks to highlight and innovate in the field of Criolla food so that our customers can enjoy the flavors of yesteryear with a modern touch. For this we have the best ingredients and professional chefs to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

We are on 340 Grau Street and our office hours are open from 11 am until 10 pm. Currently we have a promotion for large groups with which they can get a discount of up to 25% on the total bill for groups of over 10 people. As a courtesy of the house, we offer a Pisco Sour at no additional cost.

To learn more about our preparations and see the daily menu, you can enter the website You can also contact us
as well as through our phone lines. Remember that we will have the pleasure to serve.


Patricia Moscoso
General Manager
Sabor Criollo Restaurant

Example 2 of a restaurant presentation letter:

Caracas, August 21st, 2013

Fruits del Mar Cevichería
130 Bolivar Avenue
Phone 450

Soldumix S.A.
4800Trujillo Ave nue
Phone 3205680

Best regards:

Through this media we come to you to have the pleasure to introduce ourselves.

We are the Cevichería Frutos del Mar and our specialty dishes are those which contain sea elements. We have a wide selection of ingredients to prepare a lot of dishes that will delight our guests. We have the best chefs prepared and more experienced in the preparation of all marine dishes so we can offer a lot of satisfaction.

As a promotion for the month, we offer a discount of 15% for all groups larger than 10 people, throughout all our time attention. For our dishes and our daily specials, you can search on the web entering, from which they can make their reservations and pre orders.

We encourage you to visit us, so we will be happy to assist you and offer the courtesy of the house. Do not forget that here you will find the best dishes of the sea.


Adolfo Gomez
Fruits del Mar Cevichería

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