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The professional resume is the review of the strengths and skills that a person has. It is a way to highlight the most important of the Curriculum Vitae, but contrary to this, in the summary indicates only academic preparation and experience you have, but not attached certificates which find the information we provide.

In some countries it is called “simple CV”. In the summary records are not attached professional job certificates or academic records because they hang on websites that only allow uploading files with no to so much weigh, so they can be read quickly by people who are looking to recruit the services of a professional.

Some of the web pages where professionals can post their most relevant information in a summary, for them to be checked by many companies, are:


This professional contacts page enables both professionals and companies can interact and share opinions, data and job offers. Professionals who create their LinkedIn account can make a summary of their business data to local and foreign companies to see it. Thus grow the chances of being hired by an institution that requires your skill and experience. The website of this professional service is:


People who are part of this page can upload their summary which will help as a presentation for companies that are looking for staff, and may communicate with other professionals that are also seeking employment to share their opinions, and most importantly, find job advertisements according to their career. If you want to know more about this specialized professional web, go to:

Currently a large number of companies worldwide prefer to post their job offers for good positions through these remarkable web pages. One of the primary reasons that companies choose to use these specialized networks is to save time. By entering these portals professionals like LinkedIn or Xing, companies find a lot of applicants who have indicated the professional profile required to assume the position. Also through these networks companies can begin evaluating applicants.

It is noteworthy that these specialized pages have a single platform that helps visitors to develop their own summary; however, you should consider the following:

First are personal data, names, phone number (preferably mobile), e-mail and where you live. The spaces that are required are the main, it is better not to fill in the blanks optional.

Enter your work experience, starting with the most current, remember to indicate how long you worked in each job and position you were. It is better to write the three most recent jobs. In studies write the career you followed, as well as when did you start to when you finished, or if it’s just not.

Finally in professional aspirations mention the career goals that you have, in the short, medium and long term. Do not forget how important it is to be precise and clear on your summary.

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