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When the love story of two people comes to an end, it is very common that, on both sides, there is some kind of mourning, a time when they do not feel very well, when they experience pain, when they miss the other one and a whole range of emotions that makes them feel like as if they will never again be happy.

But this is not so, however difficult it may be, breakups and losses can be overcome, the most important thing is that the person is psyched about it, that is, completely convinced that you want to be good and that you are willing to take the necessary actions to do so.

Regardless of what the person suffering is doing or not doing, it is also very important for them to realize that they can count on the support and affection of their loved ones, who will give them the motivation to get out of bed and face life again with a smile on their face and all the desire to make things right.

True friends, thank goodness, know how to get us up and make us react, so for all those friends who have someone to lift, do it now, do not wait any longer. Up next we bring you several options to do so, I hope you like them and that you are encouraged to use them, you will see how much they are appreciated.

Free examples of encouragement messages after breakup:

:: “Friend of my heart, I imagine exactly what you are going through and I can only tell you that sometimes we do not understand exactly why things happen, but God has a master plan and what happened is just part of it. I am sure that it is the first step to a big change in your life, go for it and everything will be fine”.
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:: “Do not let what happened to you throw you to the ground, you are made of iron, and in more than one time you have proven what you are capable of. So wash your face, get your hair well done and put on a cute dress, here are all the people who want to support you at every step. We love you”.
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:: “Try to think positively and when you least expect it, something amazing will happen. The best we can do to make it so, is to be willing and open to changes and new experiences”.
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:: “Probably everyone will tell you, but the key is to be patient, remember that time is wise and heals all wounds and when you least expect it, you will be happy again, ready to face whatever comes in your way”.
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:: “In the most complicated situations, after breaking up with someone, we often feel very bad and depressed about everything that we no longer have. From my experience, I want to say that this is bad, because no one will take away our memories and the lessons that we learned, and that learning is what will help us all do things better next time, you will see”.
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:: “I understand your pain completely. I have also been in that position and the truth is that it is something that you cannot desire not even to your worst enemy. Fortunately, I had you by my side to carry me forward and I now I am better than ever, so I am here now, to return to you the favour with all the love in the world”.
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:: “Do not shed a single tear more, you have cried all you had to cry for. That is life, you know, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, the most important thing is how much you danced, because nobody can take that away from you. Try to rescue what you learned, because that will accompany you throughout your life. Just breathe, because that is what living is all about”.
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:: “I hope that by now it is already completely clear for you. I am your friend and I am here, waiting for you to let me be by your side, because that is friendship, against everything and against all, to support and prove that it is not the end of the world, the only thing that has no solution is death and that you, like many others before, will be able to cope with it”.
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The preceding examples can be sent without problems to all those friends you have and that after a breakup, feel very bad, like as is nothing else in life was worthwhile.

We hope you make good use of them and that you are encouraged to use them, because the truth is that they can help a lot. Come back anytime, we will be giving updates.

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