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Surely if you have a properly prepared resume, you will have many more opportunities to get a job, but this is not enough as it requires documents that support the information you have entered in the resume. If you attach a cover letter to your resume you can have an advantage over the other applicants.

Do not forget that in the letter should be written the best of you, so you must place your strengths and skills, as well as the goals you want to achieve if you get the job. Here we bring you two examples of cover letter for you to attach your CV, you can customize it and add information that you consider relevant. You will see you will cause an impression on your prospective employers.

Example 1 of a cover letter:

Montevideo, June 20th, 2013

Juan Perez Nazasi
Technical Surveyor
Phone 6708734

Arena Pass Construction
230 Artigas Avenue

In my consideration:

Please accept my most cordial greetings. My name is Juan Nazasi Perez and I am a technician graduate of Topography from the Institute Thirty-Three and I am running for the office offered by your prestigious company. Arena Pass Construction is one of the most recognized companies in their field and it would enrich my job experience to be part of your staff.

I graduated as a surveyor in the year 2010 and I have three years of experience in a company in the same sector. The reason to apply for the work place that you offer is the opportunity to follow my career in this business as well as the labor conditions you offer. You will find my resume and other respectives documents attached.


Juan Perez Nazasi
Topography technician

Example 2 of a cover letter:

Santiago de Chile, May 30th, 2013

Sandra Parra Villa
Professional Chef
Phone 4506584

The Meson de Arica

Best regards:

Through this letter I introduce myself to your company. My name is Sandra Parra Villa and I am a professional chef from Haute Cuisine International Institute, I also have certifications from various international conferences.

I wish to apply for the job place your prestigious restaurant is offering. I know La Mason de Arica is one most recognized dinner restaurants for both, locals and internationals. Is for that reason I want to apply to this unique opportunity for me to increase my experience in the field with which I feel identified.

My main goal as a professional is as well as increase my experience, is to belong to the staff of Chefs of one of the best restaurants in Chile. I have confidence that in The Mason of Arica, I can achieve the goals

I have aimed. With this letter, I attach my resume and relevant certificates.


Sandra Parra Villa
Professional Chef

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