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Each year, in South America, hundreds of graduated of people who have successfully completed their professional or technical careers and are ready to be inserted in the labor market, however it can be frustrating to encounter a lack of opportunity in the workplace and that the existing positions don’t meet the expectations in terms of pay.

That is why many people choose to migrate to other countries where there are greater job opportunities and higher wages. In this section we will tell you which countries have more labor option for South American migrants, in which sectors there are more labor supply and also which are the requirements for being part of that labor power.


To start we have Chile, is a South American nation but within the region is the one with the best job opportunities at all levels.

A key requirement to work in this country is to have a work visa and to get it, it is necessary to have an employment contract, passport and documents supporting the qualification obtained or studies.

The industry sector is the largest sector which requires a great amount of technical and contractual workers in Chile; here we can find nationals from Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, among others.

United States

This nation is the one which gathers the largest number of Latin American migrants worldwide. To work here is fundamental to meet the immigration requirements.

The field of construction and labor in various factories are most with South American contracts. Among all kind of migrants, those ones who have received some training have a greater chance of receiving good pay, technicians are mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc.


It is a nation where migrants are required because in this country the native demand of employees is dissatisfied.

Here are professionals who have greater opportunities and within these include Agronomy Engineers, and Chemical Systems. There are also opportunities for people with technical training as Geriatricians, Nurses, Laboratory Technicians, Technical in quality control and other related industry.


It is characterized as one of the largest economies in America. In this nation we can find the greatest facility for the South Americans can get job positions and in terms of culture and adapting to it involves no barrier and it is not required to master an additional language.

In terms of labor legislation, work visa is required to work. It is also favorable you to develop a job required by the government. The South Americans are useful to develope in civil construction, such as factory workers, mechanics and technicians in welding.

If you are interested to work in any of the countries we have mentioned, you can find job offers through the following job boards: Computrabajo ( ) or Monster ( ). Do not forget that it is important to find out what requirements you must meet to apply for a work visa in the country you have chosen.

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