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Tender weeding wishes

Cute couple quotes for the perfect pair
Looking for best wedding wishes ? . Every time we realize the love between a couple, we are very happy for the joy of others. When we finally find our soul mate, we feel amazing and great.

Has one of your friends recently told you that he is in a relationship? If so, you have to send a cute text expressing all your good wishes for the new couple. On the lines below we offer you some examples you can share.

Wedding wishes: What to write
in a wedding card ?

:: “First you were good friends, but then you realized that you love each other, I am very happy that you two are together. I wish much happiness to the two of you”.

:: “We already knew that the two of you were going to end up dating, it is so good you realized what you felt for each other. Lot of joy for your new relationship”.

:: “When love is born between two people, everything else seems not to exist, I hope joy floods your hearts and that you love each other even more every day”.

:: “Every time I look at the two of you together I can see so much love, I hope you remain united for eternity. Many blessings for you”.

:: “All I want you to know is that what you are feeling right now is the nicest thing there can be in this world. I just you to never separate from each other”.

Good luck messages, wishes and quotes

Find cute Whatsapp wedding wishes

:: “Do not think of what happened or what will happen, now that you love each other, focus on living this moment to the fullest. Many congratulations”.

:: “I hope your relationship lasts forever, now that the two of you love each other deeply, you have to value each other as well so that the flame of love ignites even more every day”.

:: “You were such good friends and now you are in a relationship, I know that you will still be together in the future and that you will form a beautiful family. All the best for the happy couple”.

:: “I want you to be happy because you deserve it. I know you do not spend a single moment away from each other and that is because of your great love as a couple. Many blessings for both of you”.
Good luck messages: what to write in a good luck card

Wedding congratulations:
How to send your best wishes

:: “If you want to stay together and never separate, you must respect each other, be humble and never behave bad with each other, be very careful of what you say and you will see everything will be just fine”.

:: “I know that deciding to be in a relationship has been hard for you as it endangered the friendship of many years that you had, so I hope everything goes well, you deserve it”.

:: “We have all realized that you were in a relationship again, so do not make the same mistakes as last time. All the best my friends”.

:: “You look so cute together, every time I see you staring at each other makes me realize that it is true love”.

:: “Seeing you together is so cute that it would be weird if you were not together, you make such a cute couple. Many blessings for the two of you”.

Go ahead and send these cute texts to the couple who just started their relationship, you will see they will love them.
How do you congratulate a couple on their engagement?

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