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Creating a resume is very important when we are in the search for new job title. A resume must contain accurate and relevant data of all our experience we have from previous jobs as well as the academic training that we could achieve, in that way we can ensure that our employer will hire us. Up ahead in this article we will give you a model with the aspects that you briefly have to explain in your resume to highlight your most important skills. Check out the following:

General information

When you are creating your resume, you have to include general aspects of your education. Maybe you could put your name, the job title you are applying for, the years of experience you have and your job skills. It must be very brief so you can have space on the rest of the resume so you can add more information in your profile.

Short text

A resume has to be very brief and concise and there are no exceptions to that rule. Each paragraph should contain roughly 4-5 lines. The text for your profile can be placed after each presentation in the parts above or below your picture.

Punctual information

Some professionals have more of one career, but when creating your resume you should focus only on mentioning the career specific for the profile required for the job you are applying for. For example, you are applying for a job in which people with knowledge of foreign languages are required, like English, so you must mention that you have knowledge in that area, but only in a brief manner. Do not forget that many similar data should be placed in the section of your further studies.

Formal language

Prove that you are a professional and that you do not talk in an immodest manner; whenever you do communicate do so in a refined and formal way. Remember that the resume profile has to be something that charms and highlight the interviewer’s expectations of you.

Drafting specifications

The documents you send to companies, such as your resume, have to be written with the same font, it must be done all in Arial size 10, and then the paragraphs can be aligned or centered on the page.

Up ahead you will see two small examples of profiles you could include in your resume:

:: “I am a graduate in hospitality management and have over seven years of experience working in both domestic and foreign hotels. I have gained a lot of experience and I have proven that I can organize tasks and designate teams so they can make hotel operations function correctly”.

:: “I am focused on accounting and financing topics for eight years now. I have gained much experience and knowledge, necessary for a company to meet its goals correct and in a feasible way in order to have a detailed balance of gains and losses”. .

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