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In recent years, Canada has emerged as one of the most desired destinations for all those technicians and professionals who want to emigrate.

Within the highlighted regions there is the province of Quebec which it is also the largest, the most industrialized and productive Canadian nationwide, and offers a wide range of possibilities for foreign workers, mainly from Europe and Latin America.

The main city of the province of Quebec is Montreal, this city stands worldwide for being one of the most important financial centers of the continent.

If you are Spanish citizen and you are contemplating to go to work in Quebec, you are in the right place because then we will tell you where are the main job opportunities concentrated in the city and what is the average payout. Also we will tell you what requirements you must meet to work in Quebec.


Montreal in the main city of the province of Quebec and therefore which owns the largest population. The features of this city are a high degree of industrialization and hosting companies in the country. We also find the city of Sherbrooke, as the second place of employment.

Labor supply

The main area of the province of Quebec is the drug industry, so much so that about 30 % of the inhabitants of the city of Montreal have a job related to the pharmaceutical sector.

However, this industry is not a enough to supply of local employees and therefore requires foreign professionals. Among these we can find Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Industrial laboratory workers, Biologists, etc.

In the second place we find the textile sector, this sector requires industrial Engineers, mechanical Engineers, quality control experts, technicians and air conditioning technicians and others.

It should be mentioned apart the food industry, especially those which handle packed food as it is an industry that is booming. We found that professionals required by the industry are mechanical Engineers, mechanical Engineers, quality control experts, Engineers and agribusiness agronomists, mechanical maintenance and prevention and labor of workers in all areas.

Also the field of electronics is emerging in Quebec, especially the telecommunications sector and manufacture of electronic equipment. Professionals required in this field are system Engineers, computer Engineers, telecommunications Engineers, software analysts, programmers and network Engineers other related field.

To increase responsibilities of being hired you must have verifiable experience in related work.

Average wages

Payment of wages is counted per hour worked. In the professional field, such as engineering, the hourly rate can reach € 35 and it is possible to be greater in case you have experience in multinational companies. In the technical field, such as mechanics and quality experts, compensation can reach € 30 per hour for technical jobs are most needed by the industrial sector in Quebec.


It is essential that all those who wish to work in Quebec have a valid work visa. To apply for one of them you must have a contract, have documentation certifying your profession and have a complete mastery of the French language as it is the Quebec official language.

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