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Free guide about work permits in Germany :

Germany is a very strict country as for enforcing its own rules and laws, especially when it comes to immigration. Therefore, those migrants who want to work in Germany must have a work permit. Only citizens from countries within the European Union do not need a work permit.
If foreign citizens want a work permit, they must first get a residence permit. Now then, to request a work permit migrants must get a job that needs them to live in Germany. The company or organization hiring the migrants must register them in Germany’s employment office. Also, a work letter or contract must be sent to the immigration authorities.

Certainly, getting a job and having the prospective employer’s support do not guarantee that immigrants will get the work permit. So, foreigners are recommended to get a work permit before migrating to Germany to work, and before all that a work contract with a company based in Germany.

Work permits are issued by the immigration authorities and not the labor authorities or existing employment agencies in Germany. In some cases, before granting the work permit, immigration authorities must approve the residence permits and the authorizations from certain national employment agencies.

In the case of student immigrants to Germany who get a qualified job during their stay, they must know that they do not need to apply for a work permit, but they can only work for a limited time (90 days). German institutions will decide how many hours the immigrant student must study German (600 hours) and orientation courses which include history, geography and society (30 hours).

There are many types of work permits issued by German authorities and they are related to the kind of intended jobs to be done in the country: unqualified work, qualified work, highly qualified work or independent work.
It is not recommended migrating to Germany and working illegally, as there is a risk of being exploited by bosses, or being deported. Remember that illegal workers have no right to a wage or any other kind of benefits.

Lastly, we must warn you that, in several Latin American countries, there are many false counselors who offer to handle the work permit procedures, but are only swindlers whose only purpose is to recruit women for prostitution. Thus, we recommend you not handle over any documents to these intermediaries, let alone if you are not fluent in German and can be easily deceived.

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