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Using SMS text messages to keep in touch is something we do on a daily basis. This way of communication is the cheapest and more efficient we can use. You can write an SMS shortening words and using signs to communicate in a way that your communication will be simpler and also nicer. Many cellphone companies, like Claro, offer their clients different types of SMS services they can use at any moment. If you wish to send an SMS but don’t how, don’t worry, in this section we’ll show you how to send many SMS messages free of charge to cellphones in Chile.

You must enter the official Claro webpage at and on the upper side you’ll find the option Claro ideas, click it and you’ll access a section for clients and users of Claro. Go into the Services tab and you’ll see the Comunicatext link. When you enter this site you’ll have to register in order to use the SMS service free of charge for Claro cellphones in Chile. Once registered, the company will send you a confirmation message informing you that you can start sending text messages. To send free messages you’ll have to enter 4547 in the recipient window with an advertisement. When the SMS arrives to the destination number, verify the SMS arrived without any problems. If you want you can also send messages using the same web page. The address is

SMS flick

This web page is a very useful tool for sending SMS messages to Claro mobile cellphones in Chile and many other nations in the world completely free of charge and with 100% guarantee. This web page is only in English, but it’s use is very easy. On the first tab indicate the country to which you want to send the SMS. On the next tab introduce the cellphone number to which you want to send the SMS, just as it is shown in the example. On the last tab enter personal information if you wish and write the message you want using a maximum of 100 characters. To end the process type in the numbers of the verification code and click the option that says Submit. Start using the service now in

Free SMS

This is another webpage that allows us to send completely free of charge SMS messages to any Claro cellphones in Chile. When you go into the web page you can choose “Spanish”. as your language to be able to read the advantages you’ll get if decide to sign up. This webpage may ask you to provide some information like your name, e-mail and residence country. Once registered you’ll be able to use the service and send all the SMS messages you want to Claro mobile cellphones in Chile and other nations in the World. The ones who register get 10 text messages free of charge. The web page address is–

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