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One of the most striking changes of technology for the benefit of users is that just until a few years ago we were paying a high price for the fact of communicating, which today seems absurd, since today’s society is constantly seeking to minimize costs. This article will show you how to save money to send an SMS from Peru to the United States.

The Shortcut Message Service, globally known as SMS is an instant messaging service that is increasingly being used more intensively. The number of SMS sent is increasing, but rates are still not very attractive. There are few people who ask themselves what to do.

The answer is simple and easy, the Internet gives you all the viable options that you can use to send text messages. The only constraint is that unless you have a Smartphone, you have to be on a computer to send the message. If you have a Smartphone you can do from anywhere, like when you send a national SMS.

If you still have no idea where to find these wonderful pages that allow you to connect with people outside of Peru. Here we will show you where to find and how to use them. Take this opportunity, read this article and you’ll learn a lot.

– Verizon Wireless to Send Text:

A service provided by the mobile phone company Verizon that allows users to send 140-character messages to up to 10 different numbers, with the only condition of being customers of Verizon. You can also set the urgency of the message, or priority. If you want to use this service visit:

– SendSMSnow:

this service allows you to send unlimited text messages of 130 characters to any mobile phone in the U.S. and Europe. You have a history of sent messages. It is not covered in Latin America. If you want use this service, open this link:


The positive aspect of this service is that they would not invade your comfort with unwanted advertising. Furthermore, this website has all the mobile operators in the United States. If you are uncertain about the operator of the number you wish to call, you also have the option to find it using this service. Only works for U.S. Cellular. If you are interested you can go to:


This service seems aimed at Latin America because it allows users from Argentina, Venezuela, Chile and Mexico, among others, send free text messages to America. It also has the advantage that it guarantees that the user will not be invaded by advertising. Visit:

– SureSMS:

This service is free, it requires a paid subscription, but it is very useful as it has a global coverage, i.e. you can send text messages to anywhere on the planet, to any operator. If you want to reach people anywhere in the world do not waste time visit:

It is important to remember that there were more ambitious services, seeking to cover for free the entire world. The remembered was a Facebook application to send text messages to over 150 countries.

This service is no longer in use since 2011, but it opened an important door in the world of communications. There will always be an opportunity to reduce your costs by using free services, just a matter of keep looking. When you find an optimal service, tell your friends about it, so that the service would continue to exist thanks to the users.


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