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The appearance of the Internet brought many changes and opportunities to everyone’s life. One of the advantages is through telework and through it, a person can work for someone else or for a company from his home or any place that has a computer and access to the Internet.

There are no borders for teleworking and there are job offers in any place in the world to be taken by people of any nation, as long as they comply with the requirements of the job offer.

The category of the job offers are valid and can range from programming websites, selling products and services, translations, drafting of texts and others. In this article we will tell you what kind of work you can do in the United States through your computer also what are the conditions you must meet in order to perform these jobs.

Freelance: This is a widely used term today to describe all the work that a person does for another person through a simple verbal agreement.

Through this type of work you can develop content for websites, do text translations, and develop designs, among others. The great advantage of this type of job is that you can make at the most convenient time for you and thus make extra profits. Up ahead we will tell you the requirements you have to meet to do the following freelance jobs.

Translators: It is fundamental for all translators to be fluent in two languages, which will be the base of their translations. Additionally, they require a good domain of office and other online tools through the Internet.

Web Content: You must have experience and expertise in the drafting of various texts. It is also essential to master office, especially word processors. If you have another language domain there will be more job opportunities.

Web Design: For develop as a web page designer, you need to have a domain of Dreamweaver or FrontPage software. Additionally it will be advantageous for you to have dominance in the field that the website belongs to.

Furthermore, there is a large amount of jobs that can be done online, one of them is selling and buying products and services. This way, there are people in charge of managing pages on social networks, promoting products, making sales, among others.

To be able to perform some work the United States in a virtual way, you must comply with the following:

1. – Have a computer that is in good condition and that allows you to connect to the internet network to navigate quickly.

2. – Master other languages different from English.

3. – Have knowledge in office, especially word processors, spreadsheets and presentation design.

4. – Be familiar with social networking and various search tools offered by the Internet.

5. – Be an adult and have a means through with which you can receive you payment, either a savings account or an account with online payment services like PayPal ( or Moneybookers (

It is of vital importance that before you embark on your first virtual job in the United States via the Internet, you have understood the work and conditions requested by the contractor, for this you must make all inquiries you consider necessary, additionally note that you must agree on how you will be paid before you start.

To view the various online job opportunities in the United States, visit the page

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