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What is a job profile and how to produce a good one ? :

A job profile is a description workers make about their knowledge, abilities and skills which help them perform successfully in a certain job position. Universities and institutions also produce this kind of profile to show the training their students will achieve when they finish studying a career.

Job profiles are not only written by workers, professionals or higher education institutions, but also by firms which are looking for personnel. Workers must produce a good job profile to get work, and including this information in their resumes is an efficient way to land the job they want.

It must be pointed out that a job profile is not the same as a professional profile, which is a description of the academic background required for certain tasks. A job profile involves skills and abilities that help get a certain work position.

What must be bore in mind to produce a good job profile? The first thing to do is analyze and describe the job position we want to get. In second place, describe the knowledge, skills, preparation, specialization, training and experience we have after getting higher education.

A good job profile must include a description about the area we want to work efficiently in. Also, it must refer to the conditions and aptitudes we have to perform adequately in certain duties or tasks. Information about our job profile must come with proof or evidence of our achievements in our work or professional experience.

Finally, it must be said that, in the case of workers or professionals who are looking for better career opportunities, their job profile must be included in the knowledge and skills section in their resumes. Furthermore, in your resume, try to write your job profile in such a way that it is related to the position you are applying to.

If you still are not sure about how to write a good job profile, we give you some examples in the next lines:

Technician Job profile sample :
– Technician prepared to plan, design and execute different food management programs in food companies.

Journalist Job profile sample :
– Journalist with experience in historic events research, both nationally and internationally.

Journalist Job profile sample :
– Journalist with excellent writing skills and good media networking.

Project Manager Job profile sample :
– Professional capable of leading infrastructure projects in vulnerable areas.

Mining engineer Job profile sample :
– Very experienced professional in the mining sector. Trained in internal and external communication with native communities.

Business manager Job profile sample :
– Trained professional in hiring personnel and supervising workers’ performance.

Industrial engineer Job profile sample :
– Engineer with knowledge and skills in service management.

Accountant Job profile sample :
– Accountant manager with experience in textile and manufacturing business consultancy.

Industrial engineer Job profile sample :
– Professional specialized in logistics and experienced in sugar industry.

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