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Usually it is men who tell the girls how they feel about them, is not it? But some women do not know what to do for the men to tell them what they feel so choose to declare their love first. Maybe years ago it looked terrible a girl decides to declare a guy, but nowadays is normal, as long as it is serious, and not because she get anxious to don’t be alone.

If the guy you like is very introverted and you realize it will take a lot to him to tell you that he likes you then be the first to say what you feel. Perhaps some men realize that when a woman acts like this is because it is very sure of herself. Others are retracted. So you can do this in many ways avoiding him to run out.

One of the things we recommend is to send a letter. If you feel lost in this issue here we give you some tips and samples for you to order your ideas and be able to express all your feelings about him so that in this way he will realize how much you love him.

Here you can ask what he feels for you, and if he only wants to be your friend, you will understand but do not want to distance from him.

Be very honest with him, maybe you can send a short message and write there “you attract me from the first day I saw you, I feel very in love with you”., “I’m so in love with you, I want to know if you are willing to be with me”.

Thus you have said everything about how you felt and pretend about him. The other alternative is the boldest one : tell him about his personally.

If you do it this way assure to be in a quiet place, alone with him or away from it all. Plan this situation and when you think it is appropriate say it to him, “I want to say something very important to you a while ago, but we have not had time, but now that we’re alone, I want to tell you that I like you a lot, I wait to be by your side and I’m thrilled every time I see you. I like you so much, you’re more special than anything I have in life and I would like to know if I have the opportunity to be with you”.

If he starts to laugh, take his hand and tell him you’re not making a joke and what you said is true.

If he says he feels the same, give him a kiss or allow him to do that. Perhaps it can also happen that you come back to ask what else he feels about you or give him more time to think. In the case that he needs more time to wait you will have to patient.

We hope these recommendations have been useful and help you to express your love, be sure to know what your real feelings are for him so you don’t put your hope on nothing.

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