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Most people find it difficult to express their feelings for their loved ones, for them it is a sacrifice to write their loved ones a letter, even more when it is the birthday of this person, and it is important to express what they feel and how wonderful it is that person for them.

All women like men who express what they feel, shout it to everyone, and who give them gifts like: romantic dinners or flowers, to generate envy among other women. When they do not receive gifts in important dates like their anniversary or birthday, it bothers them and may even lead to the breakdown of the relationship. But what women do when we celebrate something important is just tell us “happy day sweetie”, they do not try to give us a gift, a hug or something else.

We must teach women that we also need them to show us their feelings and what would be better than a letter, in which they congratulate us for our birthday, since the words are gone with the wind, write a letter with the heart to the man you love and demonstrate your courage of showing your feelings. Below is a sample letter.

Lima, 15 September 2012

Dear Paul:

Today it’s your birthday, I wish you a happy birthday and I would like to express all the love I have for you, I bless the day I met you, without you my life would be a wasteland full of shadows without light and without hope in life.

I thank your parents and God for bringing you into the world, in this day I want to express my joy and the love I feel for you, there is no more sublime gift that expressing my feelings for you, my loved one.

For me there was no effort to write this letter to tell you Happy Birthday, every day I wake up thinking about you and when I sleep alone and remember you, it makes me smile and sleep in peace.

Undress my feelings for you does not make me weak, on the contrary it helps strengthen our love. I hope you like this letter and would increase your happiness on your birthday I hope to spend the day together to show you how big my love for you is.

This letter is just a small preview of your gift; you will receive the rest tonight. Love you darling, big kiss for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
I send you a very huge kiss

Your love, kisses and hugs,


PD. Tonight I will give you in person all the kisses and hugs.

The letter is the best expression to show what you feel for that special someone, writing it is easy, you just have to let it flow. Writing a love letter to your boyfriend’s birthday does not have to be cheesy, just put in writing what you feel for him in a free and honest way, good luck!

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