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In life we will meet with many people that give us joy, with which we will get along very well and spend quality time, but are we sure they will be people who will help us in difficult times?, would they be really good friends with that would help us when we have a problem?.

We must know the difference between those who are our real friends, and those who are not. If you have a friend who has shown you his unconditional and sincere friendship, you should always feed your friendship.

If you want to express your love to that special friend, read this article, it will give you many options to choose the phrase that you like better.

Free list of phrases for a friend:

– “Everything is better when you’re with me, I like that we laugh together and have many adventures”
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– “Thank you for showing your friendship at all times, I am really lucky to have a friend like you”
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– “Thanks for your company and for your good advices, I hope I could always count on you, you’re a good friend”
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– “Thank you dear friend for always being with me, you amuse me and hear my problems, you are my best friend”
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– “I feel very lucky to have a friend as good as you, because you always help me and give me strength to go on, so I love you my dear friend”
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– “For whatever either fun weekends or to study together for a very difficult exam, you are always with me, I hope you would always be my friend because you are my favorite person”
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– “I’m sure our friendship will last forever because all the love I have for you is great and I know that you feel the same for me, we will always be best friends”
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– “There is no other person in the world with whom I would go for a walk, or travel or have new adventures, because I know we always have fun together and I’d be well protected at the same time, we are a great team, I love you my friend “
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– “There is no other person I trust so much, as you. You have proved to be a loyal friend, and always keep my secret under wraps, thanks for listening and for always give me your advice; I know you do so because you love me”
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– “Since I met you I knew you were a different person and we would be good friends, now we do not only have fun together but also we support each other, you are definitely my best friend”
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– “You are unique as a friend when I’m sad or discouraged, you change my mood and my whole day, thanks my friend”
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– “Dear friend, you are a very important person in my life, thanks to you I learned many good things and now I use them in my life, please, never walk away from me because you are my constant support, you are a really good friend”
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Choose one of these phrases and send it to your special friend, either by sending an SMS or through a social network, you will see that he will be very happy.


Send your originals Sms, text, text messages, quotes, friends phrases , and will be published, others friends will thank you .

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