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Wherever we look, we will find a person with talent and potential to be great. These talents are manifested in many different ways, all with a special uniqueness that makes them stand out from the rest, whether in the arts or at work.

This time we want to talk about the singers of the time, who always have a new topic to surprise us and suit the tastes and trends of the current environment. Below, you will be able to find a list of several singers that right now are making history. If you liked any of them, be encouraged to share them with your friends and let them know how much you enjoy their music.

Today’s top best singer:

• Chayanne: For several years he has set the trend with his unique style, which makes him a very interesting singer, for his ability fusing the tune of several love songs with a modern twist. It seems that he will be among the most popular singers for many more years, because he never allows himself to become obsolete in the media.

• One Direction (Music Group): This group is world famous to the point of having a highly successful film released in theaters worldwide, being presented in three dimensions and having a lot of acceptance among the young public.

• Rihanna: This girl has so much talent and we have been seeing her in the media from a very young age. In 2012 she made her acting debut in a film called Battleship for Universal. On it, she shows the variety of her talent and that she will continue to surprise us for quite some time.

• Katy Perry: Much loved by the public, Katy is not only very beautiful, but she also has a tremendous voice acclaimed by many for songs such as, The one who got away, Fireworks, California Gurls ft. Snoop Dogg and Part of Me, we are counting on having her around in the media for several more years.

• Adele: In 2013 she became creditor of an Oscar for her song named Skyfall, soundrack of the last delivery of James Bond, which earned her the award for best original song. Her voice is very powerful and characteristic of her, showing us her courage and perseverance, facets that make her very dear and respected worldwide.

• Taylor Swift: She is definitely a princess in the world of music. She has a beautiful voice and a beautiful figure, which, accompanied by her musical effort, make one in a million.

• Selena Gomez : Is an important example because she has not allowed herself to be run over by the simple fact of being young, but has made her way with songs like Come & Get It, Who says, Naturally and Tell something I do not know. She is characterized by having a style dominated by the freshness and youth, attracting many fans all over around the world.

• Demi Lovato: really called Demetria Devonne Lovato, was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and having only twenty one years old, she has already conquered the music industry, having several issues within the Billboard ranking.

• David Guetta (DJ): He is forty-five years old and his sales amounted to 7 million copies, ranking in 2010 as one of the most important artists in the music environment. He is characterized by mixing electro with dance, managing to win the devotion of thousands of fans.

• Beyonce: She is a complete artist, for she is not only charismatic and very talented, but also lends a hand to various and important charity causes, having won the respect of thousands of people who enjoy following her and singing her songs.

• Shakira: She was born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia. Shakira managed to conquer the entire world and not long ago she became a mother. Her talent is unique and she manages to mix music with a peculiar dance that characterizes and distinguishes her: the way she moves her hips, mixing Arab dancing with her personal style.

• Justin Bieber: Millions of girls and young women around the world would give their life for this new artist.

Have a special ability more developed than the rest will help us to distinguish ourselves from others. Some have learned how to use their talents for profit and become celebrities, having the opportunity to captivate many. We hope you found interesting the above list and that now you’re a little more aware of the artists leading the current music market. See you around soon, keep in mind that we’re always updating the site!

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