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The appearance of computers is definitely a milestone in history, these machines have been performing human tasks increasingly complex, which has facilitated the way of life of many of us.

In this sense, software that had been created for certain tasks has been discontinued or has been gained improvements that have allowed them to remain an option for current users. This article will tell you what programs are currently the most widely used.

We will leave behind the ubiquity of Windows and its full range of Office programs that are currently used almost all over the planet, I mean Word, Excel, Power Point, etc. nor we will come in to detail in technical programs useful in editing and design as Corel Draw or other well known programs.

It is understood that what I mentioned before is by default on almost all computers around the world, along with the not so famous open source programs.

All programs we will mention have the advantage of being freeware, this means they are free or they offer limited licensed versions. We have tried to synthesize the long list of programs in a just a small one that contains the most used ones in cyberspace.

– WINRAR (Available

This program is so well known and used by many users, it is a tool that allows us to store many files into one, lightweight, i.e. It compress a lot of files in a sort of bag with a. RAR extension that you can send to many people easily.


This famous network browser is well known for its customer orientation and its intuitive interface, it offers for example an automatic fill in the navigation bar, it also offers high speed when loading web sites you are visiting.

It was the first browser to launch the idea of the tabs that allow the user to browse multiple pages at a time and in a single window. Many people believe that in the future, its great service advances would make it be considered as a market leader.

– ARES (Available

The current trend of downloading any type of file and sharing information with anyone in cyberspace, is possible and is facilitated by peer to peer programs. These programs allow you to download multiple files at high speed. In addition, Ares offers a storage service and a reproduction of audio and video files service with the advantage that is free of advertising.

– Windows Live Messenger
(Available in

This is a program known around the world. It’s the one with the greatest number of users. Although Facebook has reached unimaginable levels of users and is wiping out all designed virtual services, Windows Live Messenger is a program dedicated to the chat.

In its latest version the user is allowed to connect with the most used social networks and access from various devices like smartphones and tablets. A big advantage is that it is free and it is available in the language of your choice

– Real player

This program was designed to reproduce and transmit live audio and video, it has been improved and has the ability to play all formats: MP3, WAV, AVI, 3GP. The downside of this program is that you must download a license before using the program. It is ideal for music lovers because they can manage your playlist in a library, and sync your music to portable devices.

Finally, it is important that you know which programs might be useful, but remember to have them all in your computer could be harmful, it decreases your processing speed and your storage capacity.


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