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Who does not like to love and be loved? There is no person who can resist the beautiful feelings that emanate from love. When the purest and most special feelings come from the heart, our life changes completely.

An easy way to tell someone we love them is through a text that comes out of our heart. If you do not know what to say, we offer you a list of beautiful love declarations, choose the one you like most and dedicate it to that special someone.

Free examples of seduction texts:

– “It is a great privilege to have the joy of meeting someone as special as you. I love the way you are, I spend very special moments by your side and I feel like as if we knew each other a lifetime. What I feel for you is more than just admiration, I think I am falling for you and I would like you to give me the chance to show you how much I appreciate you. I will be waiting for your answer. “
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– “It has been a few months and I have thought on how well we get along and understand each other when we are together. Our friendship is so great that I see no downside to take the next step and start a relationship. I do not know what you think of all this and I wonder what you think of my idea. Do not make me wait and please tell me what you feel for me. “
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– “We have been friends for many years now, we know each other a lot and we enjoy ourselves, and without realizing it I have fallen in love with you. It took me a lot of time to declare my feelings, and that is because my love is bigger than my fears. I cannot sleep thinking about you, I cannot concentrate on anything because my thoughts only revolve around you. Tell me that you also love me and that you are also in love with me. “
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– “I had never been in love, I never knew what love was until the magical moment in which I met you and everything changed. I love you and I am surrendered at your feet; from the first time I saw you I was shocked by you. I do not know if it is your eyes, your smile or your way of being, but I love you so much. I would like to be with you because I love you, because what I want most is to make you happy and show you that if you trust me, I will never disappoint you. “
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– “Every moment I spend with you is so much fun and all is happiness. I have never met anyone who understands me like you do, who lets me be me and that allows me to express myself without fear. It is so nice to be with you that I would love the opportunity to be your boyfriend, of being the boy who looks after you, protects you and is the master of your heart. I promise I will make you very happy, I will give you all my best with the only condition that you let me love you. “
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Do not be discouraged if you do not have a yes on your first attempts. Love is whimsical and unpredictable, and when you least expect it, you will reach the heart of that person you like so much.

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