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One of the most incredible things we can do in life is to travel to lands outside our frontiers and into the unknown, leaving our land for the first time. No matter what the reason for your trip might be, whether for fun or as part of your work, we will feel very well to find ourselves with a culture that we didn’t know, places that we had never seen before and discovering how we are when we are completely alone.

The interesting thing is when we experience new sensations and this makes us very happy, not only us, but also the people who care about us. However, it is important to mention that there are some aspects that are not as nice as the ones already mentioned, as for example, that we will miss a lot of the people we love, even if the trip we are going to do will last little, much or if we do not know when we will return. More than that is, it is difficult for the people who are going to stay, for they will miss you, even when they know that what you’re doing is for your own sake, for fun or rest.

It is this so that, when we go, we receive many tips and good wishes of those who care about us, expressing their sadness and happiness, both feelings in a single message. If you know someone who is in this situation like this and you would like to help them feeling better and say what you feel, we recommend that you send them one of the messages that we have prepared for you, remember that they are free.

Free Download phrases to wish a friend a nice trip:

:: “Even when I would like to be always with you, I realize that I have to let you grow up and discover the world by yourself. I am very happy and I am proud to see you take off. Never leave aside your origins, come back whenever you want to, for here will be your family waiting for you at all times. I hope you do great and that you reach all your goals. We are love you dearly”.
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:: “You will see that everything will go just great, you’re an amazing person, capable of doing everything you set your mind to do. I am sorry because you know you will be missed a lot, but when you return we will hug you for hours. I love you very much and I wish you the best, see you soon”.
Category: have a great trip

:: “Dear friend, you are very lucky for travelling like that, it is a magical experience that will help you a lot, not only to grow as a person, but also to feel better and release a lot of stress. Forget for a few days your studies or work, just relax. See you soon”.
Category: have a great trip

:: “Love of my life, you don’t know how good it feels to see how far you are reaching and how you strive each day, because that is what makes you great, and that is what makes me so proud of you. Finally you will have the rest which you truly deserve; I hope that you enjoy it the most because it is a wonderful opportunity. I love you”.
Category: have a great trip

:: “Sister, I think that you already know how much we love you, you give us much happiness and are an essential part of our family. You are not even gone, and we are already missing you, I hope you do great. Here we will be looking forward for you to come back and tell us how great you did”.
Category: have a great trip

:: “I hope that you know how to take advantage of this opportunity in which you are going to travel, discovering new places and enjoying it to the maximum. We are only young once, so do not waste time sleeping, get out and walk much. I hope you have a great time”.
Category: have a great trip

The people who love you the most are always present in the important moments of your life, because they always want the best for you, so don’t limit yourself, dare and see, fight for what you want to achieve, meet people, enjoy life. You’ll see that you will always have the support of those who love you. Even when there will be a mix of feelings of sadness, joy will prevail. It will be cute for you to write a phrase like that if you have someone travelling.

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