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The noblest thing we can do if we have done something wrong, is to take care of that mistake. An important part of this awareness is being able to recognize that we have done wrong and have the courage to do it in front of the person we hurt.

It is very honourable to be able to admit that we are wrong and repented, seeking forgiveness from the offended. Probably, if we do it right and we show that we are really sorry, the aggrieved person can take the time to consider giving us their forgiveness. At the end of the day, we are only human and nobody is perfect.

Free examples of text to apologize for my mistake:

:: “Making a mistake is a reality, especially when you do things without thinking, without either assessing or considering the consequences for the rest and it was right there where I was wrong.

But I managed to get to understand how bad I was and that is why I am here today to show you how sorry I am I and I pray to you that you forgive me, because the last thing I wanted was to do you wrong.

I never wanted you to suffer or feel any discomfort, but as I say, sometimes you just do not think and I am a hard head. I promise to be more thoughtful from now on, but please give me an opportunity to amend my mistake, I want to make it up to you”.
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:: “All the mistakes we make leave after them possible lessons, is it in each one of us to know whether or not to take them. This is something I really want to do, because I feel terrible about what happened and, despite it was all my fault, I think we can both learn a lot from what happened, I feel that it will strengthen us and enable us to grow if we rescue the positive things out of all the bad things that happened. ”
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:: “I regret for all the mistakes I made; I hurt you and truthfully that has no name. I was the one guilty that you could not rest, the stress you had and the pain I put you through. I still do not know how I managed to get this far, I feel awfully bad and like a coward, but I want to make things right and for that I apologize with you. The Lord knows how bad I feel. ”
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:: “Life is not linear, as we all know, there are bad things and good things, opportunities to harness and others that we lose. Unfortunately, today I had to lose and I was the biggest loser, because with my mistake I lost you and I do not have you in my life any longer. I hope it is not too late to repent, to tell you how bad I feel, and that I want everything to be right again between us. If you allow me, I know that everything will be different, my behaviour will be exemplary and you will be my priority. ”
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:: “I broke your heart and that is the ugliest thing you can do to another person. I cannot imagine what I did, although I try, I cannot remember when it all started to go into a tailspin in my life. But now I am back on track, so I dare to ask you a little understanding and the opportunity of listening to me. I know what I did wrong and I promise I will not to do it again. ”
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:: “I will remain optimistic, hoping that it will give me what I need for you to consider forgiving me, I am really sorry and it will not be repeated again.”
Category: Nice text to recognized your mistakes

:: “We are all subject to making mistakes, I know they it is our choices that define us and I took all the wrong ones, but I feel there is still time to get back what was lost, to amend my faults and start over again. I hope you can accept my apologies on this opportunity and give me the chance I so desire. ”
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:: “Despite all the time that has passed, I still feel that there is room for an apology, so I apologize to you from the bottom of my heart and with all the pain of my soul, I did not know how to behave up to your standards and what you needed and it was the worst thing that I could do.”
Category: Nice text to recognized your mistakes

Never allow yourself to believe it has been too long and that your apology is not worthwhile because it is not like that, as long as there is true repentance and you have the intention of fixing things, then you might find a solution. Good luck to you.

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