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Almost all of us act by inertia when we see someone who is of our interest. Our attitude changes, our behavior transforms, our eyes shine, we look for any way to approach that person, and this whole process is normal.

It is the constant search for love to be happy; not only loving but forging a path with the person that we love, to obtain personal satisfaction. In this article we give you some texts to seduce the woman you are interested in using Whatsapp, utilize its resources fully and you will get what you want.

Free examples of seduction texts for whatsapp:

– “I woke up today wanting to talk to you and wish you a good day. Always remember to look around and get distracted a little, not everything has to be about work, admire what surrounds us, that to which we never pay attention to. You will see that there are more opportunities than we think, we just have to look carefully. There are many positives things to take from our daily life, especially when we are madly in love. From the first day I saw you, I have not been able to get you out of my head. You are the one I always visualize in the morning. “
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– “Waking up away from you is something I do not want to happen from now on. I like to see your smile every morning, smell you and feel your body, know that you are with me, that things are going well. I have to accept that I am in love with you and I do not know if I can spend my days without your company. “
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– “I will never forget the day we met for the first time, our eyes met and I could not shake off my head that beautiful smile that you gave me. We talked and we realized that we liked each other very well. I always imagined being in a relationship with you, you are now like an addiction that I cannot live without. “
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– “Many say that beauty is relative to the one who observes, but in your case there is no way for anyone not to think that you are both physically and integrally beautiful. I am very lucky to get to know you better, but our relationship has led me to think that I want to commit in a more serious way. I enjoy spending time with you and I feel that we enjoy it together. I am in love with you and I would like to know what you think about that.”
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– “If they made a contest of the wonders of the world, you would rank first. I cannot believe I found such a beautiful and integral woman in my life. I am glad to share what we have lived together. Every day I fall even more in love with you and it is only a matter of time before I risk trying something more serious. For now I want to leave it clear that I really like you and that I am crazy about you.”
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Remember that seduction depends on creativity and the sincerity with which we address a woman.

Interest is achieved when we open our hearts and clearly show our friendly intentions. Whatsapp can greatly facilitate things, do not let this opportunity pass. You will do fine, come back soon.

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