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Visiting England,top Places to see :

Historic land, full of mysticism and legend. In this territory some of the important episodes in world’s history have written for almost a thousand years. But tourism in England can only be done in the English form, with pride and elegance.

In the following lines, we will go through the main sites and cities that must be visited while in the British country. It is possible that time is going to be our greatest enemy, keeping us from getting to know everything, so you have to be attentive and have the necessary energy.

Tourism in England benefits from two things: the availability of information and from communication channels in perfect condition. What’s more, England has a tram system considered as the most efficient one in the world (the London Underground is the world’s largest). The rail system can communicate to all English cities for a reasonable price, and besides, there are airports in all the regional capitals, which is why transport supply is varied and might be adequate to all budgets.

Where do you go when you are in the English territory? Well in this article we attempt to formulate an answer to this question, and though it may seem that these lines were short, the truth is that it does not matter at all, it is only important enjoying the journey and travel.

1. London : Capital and economic hub of England. It is a cosmopolitan city but it also respects their traditions. Once there, you cannot miss the Tower of London (location of the murder of Henry VI), the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, traditional restaurants and pubs, which generate local nightlife conducive to free the mind of a tourist. Under no circumstances you can forget to stop at the lookout London Eye, Westminster Abbey (where lie the remains of the royal and characters that shaped the history), Buckingham Palace (the official seat of royalty) and the Palace of Westminster (headquarters of the British Parliament.), among others.

2. Seven Sisters Park : Located in Sussex, in an area of 280 hectares. It is important for the landscape of cliffs, valleys and rivers; also due to its beautiful meadows of thick lawn. This is a natural conservation area, where traffic is only permitted on foot or by bicycle.

3. Leeds : Part of the county of West Yorkshire, one of the most dynamic cities in England. It has a beautiful countryside that contrasts with modern buildings such as galleries and shopping centers within this group you should also visit Victoria Quarters and Brigatte street. Musts in Leeds’ center are the Millennium Square and Grand Theatre.

4. Lake District : This is a tourist destination, is a national park. This is the only mountainous area in the whole English territory. Here is the Wast Water (the deepest lake) and Scafell Pike (the highest mountain in England, which counts with 978 meters).

5. Derby : In the heart of England, here you will be able to find many antiques fairs, museums and an impressive cathedral. And, going by car, on the way you can appreciate the landscape of the region of Derbyshire and the Peak District.

6. Coventry : One of the most beautiful countryside across England, the Warwickshire countryside, where there is a perfect place of tranquility with the presence of samples from the Middle Ages. The rural area of Coventry is in the vicinity of the River Avon and the city, where the playwright William Shakespeare is believed to be born.

Finally an English country trip is a ticket to have hundreds of stories to remember for many years. The best time to visit England is between June and September.

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