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America is the richest country in the world. Although this nation suffered an economic downturn a few years ago, the U.S. has the problem under control.

He continues to lead the ranking of the best countries to labor at. Graduates from universities, institutes and operators are required for different cities in this country.

Persons wishing to labor and reside in this country must be duly authorized by U.S. law to avoid legal setbacks because in these days live illegally in U.S. is considered a crime.

If you go to this country you should know in which states it is easier to find a job. This article will inform you about the U.S. states where there is greater demand for labor.

According to information issued by the Department of Labor of the United States, these are the five cities that have had an attractive economic growth after the recession that happened few years ago, so are those with greater need for employees.

Washington DC

It is the capital of the United States, is one of the states that requires all staff to meet the demand they have. There are a lot of job opportunities to work in shops or “retail”. On the other hand there is also great demand for professional and technical computer software development. There is also a high demand for workers to work in food and beverage sector because of the increasing visitors to this city.


In this state there is also a large demand for workers in various sectors. The city of Dallas needs to fill positions with professionals in education and health professionals. They also ask the career professionals in social work, both for private companies as well as for state institutions.


In Massachusetts there is a great demand for specialists in scientific research. In Boston there are a wide variety of universities so they are looking for teachers and also social workers to incorporate to their staff. In the area of entertainment and games there is a high demand for workers to work in different areas.


In Minnesota it’s been required workers as teachers and staff to the education sector. In the city of Minneapolis there are many job opportunities in customer service in retail stores, as there is a huge growth of shopping centers in this state.


Arizona is one of the states that have a large demand for professionals, technicians and workers in general. We can mention the city of Phoenix where professionals are needed in the area of education and health, another area that has a shortage of workers in the sector is transport, so people prepared in this area have many opportunities.

Employees are also required for large stores and warehouses.

These states of the United States are those that have a greater demand for workers in various sectors. According to recent studies the growing demand will continue to rise for many more years.

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