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Information about Salaries & wages in Spain :

In Spain, the minimum wages are attractive to immigrants from Latin America; Spain promises opportunities in abundance, it is up to ourselves to make the decision to explore their territories.

In this first decade of the XXI century, the migrant mass was basically from underdeveloped countries and they has been changing their multiple destinations, the new economic situation of most of the European nations, has moved the interests towards countries such as Portugal, Sweden, Finland and Spain. For Latin America, the cultural an language proximity with the Spanish lands has made Latin American immigrants in Spain today, one of the leading immigrant colonies on its vast territory.

It is well known that an immigration process requires the collection of much information, if what you are looking for is a responsible decision, which is why, in what follows, we will review some details concerning the Spanish labor market, especially about what is related to the salaries handled in this country.

Like in the great majority of nations, in Spain the minimum wage is used to establish a measurement about the work done by anyone. It is usually expressed per day. Thus, for the year 2010, the Spanish government agencies, established a minimum wage of 22 Euros per day, or what is, 673.92 Euros a month.

According to opinion and research institutions, the wage in Spain is one of the most pressured by taxation and for keeping a big difference to the GDP per capita. This has meant that Spain remains having one of the lowest minimum wages throughout the whole European Union (only surpassed the minimum wage in Portugal), generating unease within the Spanish society.

According to recent studies, a Spanish immigrant or citizen could earn a salary of 1538.17 Euros per month on average. Following this study, the following data shows that average wages located according to the geographic area:

• The community of Madrid receives 1908.74 Euros, the highest of all the Iberian countries, for a monthly minimum wage
• The Basque country, near the Franco-Spanish border, handles an amount that borders 1735.87 Euros per month
• The community of Navarre has established minimum of 1652.72 Euros per month.
• The autonomous Catalonia is at a salary of 1626.43 Euros per month.
• The region of Asturias gets about 1523.01 Euros for a month’s salary.

In a quick look on wages according to sector of employment, we have the following relationship (remember that all figures given are with reference to monthly amounts and tax deductions applied):

• Employees of large companies and / or transnational companies (turnover of over EUR 6 million) 1890 Euros
• Workers in the construction sector 2177 EUR
• Workers in the energy sector and sanitation 3990 EUR
• Workers under the heading of services and entertainment 1714 EUR
• Workers in the outsourcing 1760 EUR

In the website web site, we can obtain detailed and updated information about everything related to the issue of wages in this country. This site provides a database for us to be able to relate and compare data according to information by region and business sectors. To use this database, go to:

Finally, it is clear for us that risking ourselves and our families into an adventure like immigrating to a foreign country is an extremely complicated process. Let’s keep in mind the option of Spain as a possibility for us to immigrate to, which requires choosing the right time and set clear expectations, ones that are adjusted to the current situation, thus avoiding any unpleasant surprises.

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