Last modified 10/09/2023

Germany — Immigration benefits :

Germany is one of the most powerful countries in the whole world. Sadly, it is not among the most attractive places for immigrants because of how hard it is to learn German, and English is not enough in that country. However, professionals who want to live in a developed country with great career opportunities should begin learning German and make a decision to immigrate to Germany.

Since January 1, 2005, Germany is an immigrant nation thanks to a new immigration law. But we must say that the only immigration this country promotes is that of qualified professionals, not of unqualified workers. Thus, foreign professionals or specialists with proven experience have a better chance of immigrating to this country.

Among the main advantages of immigrating to Germany is that it is a European country which has recently had an almost 4% economic growth and a minimal unemployment rate if compared with most of European countries (7%). It also is part of the G8, group of the most powerful industrialized countries in the world, and the third largest world economy.

Immigrating to Germany can be a dream for any Latin American citizen who wants to travel to Europe to look for a better standard of living. The only problem, as was mentioned at the beginning of this article, is how hard it is to be fluent in their language. Thus, we must mention that Germany is currently the European country with the best career opportunities, and it urgently needs 800,000 qualified immigrants to sustain its economic growth.

In fact, Germany is willing to admit thousands of immigrants into its economy, so Latin American or Spanish professionals who want to immigrate to this country should consider learning German. Also, according to Klaus Zimmerman, president of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), the aging of the German population will not be able to uphold its economic growth, and starting in 2015 Germany will lose 250,000 workers a year.

Another advantage of immigrating to Germany is that it is a multicultural country, and it is the third country in the world with the most international immigrants. Although Germans are known for being cold and rigid, they are in fact very tolerant with immigrants, as long as the latter are well behaved and respectful. Many Spaniards have settled in Germany and are very successful professionals, thanks to the support from German citizens.

Finally, we must say that foreigners who want to immigrate to Germany can access a high quality education, particularly if they want to specialize or do some research. The German government welcomes foreign young people who want to acquire more knowledge in this country. Do not waste time, learn German and travel to this country with modern cities and beautiful landscapes.

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