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In the month of April this year, the Live Messenger become to be part of the history and that because Microsoft has chosen Skype as the new instant messaging program.

But this change is not so traumatic, it has allowed former Messenger users can login with the same username and password to the services that Skype offers, thus avoiding the tedium of filling records and choose a new name user.

Even you can enter using your Facebook account. Even so, have you wondered what advantages bring you to use Skype services? In this article we will tell you what they are.

No need to create a new account

If you have an account in Facebook or Messenger you can use immediately in Skype, this means that you no longer need to make a new record and also you will have the option to import your contacts from your Messenger or Facebook directly to Skype.

Video calls

Skype also has a video calling service to get in touch with your friends and family and also can see them. It is a completely free service and its advantage lies in its high quality audio and video, which you can expand to full screen. All you need is a good webcam and a headset with microphone.

Text messages and phone calls

It is one of the biggest advantages of Skype service and consists of the ability to make calls from your PC and any device with internet access to any phone number in the world, whether mobile or landline, as well as like texting. For this purpose it is necessary that you have Skype Credit or you choose one of the payment plans that Skype offers.

Skype number

With this service, the novelty is that you will have a phone number with which you can receive calls from landline and mobile national and international open directly to where you have your Skype account. In addition it will be possible for you to use a voice recording to use when you are not available.

Import Contacts

With this, it will be possible to take all your Skype contacts from Facebook, Messenger, and other services you use, so you do not lose touch with your friends and you can arrange them by categories.

Group Chat

With Skype you will be able to select friends who are connected to form a chat group and be able to communicate with everyone involved without problems. (You can also use this option with video calls). In the chat you will be able to use the familiar emoticons and use different types of text fonts.

Edit your profile

You have many options to do this, for starters you can use a different image to put on your profile, you can also edit your personal information and set the level of privacy of your profile. Finally add a small description of yourself for others to see it.

Skype WiFi

Uses WiFi spots to connect to your Skype account and enjoy the best speed and quality of service as if you were at home. Remember that using Skype credit to pay for the connection, you will be charged per minute.

It is portable

To access Skype you just need a PC, laptop or any other mobile devices that have internet (Tablet, Smartphone, etc..) Regardless of the location from where you are.

We can see that Skype offers many benefits to enhance our internet experience, so start to enjoy their services.

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