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Rapid technological advances in mobile devices, virtual game consoles and computers has made clear that the operating systems that work with them are crucial in functionality and in their level of market acceptance.
Thus, the iPhone is one of Apple’s most popular models on the market; because they are intelligent devices that use an operating system that enables Internet connections, has touch screen and a virtual keyboard that seeks to replace the physical keyboard. This is summarized in the iPhone operating system, iPhone OS, very well known in the market.

In 2007, appeared for the very first time the iPhoneOS, not being exclusively developed for the iPhone by Apple. It was later in 2007 with the advent of the iPod Touch and iPads in 2010 (both multimedia technology devices, no phone calls) that Apple called the system under the symbol iOS reduced, having acquired the operating system. This was announced by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, in June 2010.

The iOS operating system has evolved over time and has been improving the devices on which it is installed. For example, the latest update, the iOS 5 launched in October 2011, is the fifth version of this software system.

Currently, the system continues to optimize its functions in accordance with the advancement of technology, so probably in a not so distant future we can enjoy these benefits. An advantage of the system in question is the versatility with which it works, use Multilanguage and this has facilitated the purchase of iPhone, iPod, and iPad in many countries around the globe.

The iOS is composed of a number of applications that are the ones that give it the utility to the system, and that make devices that contain it useful for many functions, not only voice, but also audio, video, between many others. In addition, technological development in iOS is directly linked to the development of new generations of models by the company Apple.

The new version of iOS 5, has 200 additional features over the previous version and can be obtained by downloading from iTunes 10.5, simply connect your devices: iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, to a computer and enter the following link: Then, you must synchronize with the computer, but before proceeding, we recommend making a backup safety. Anyway, you will be permanently assisted by iTunes.

However, it seems that excessive demand that servers’ Apple receive has begun to create problems not expected to have and this has generated complaints from users. One of the criticisms of the updates is the time it takes to download (10 to 20 minutes), and errors in the backups.

Despite the above, there may be mentioned some improvements of the current version with respect to the above:

– It automatically unlocks when you touch the camera icon.
– With the start button, you can access the playlist and choose another song.
– Tapping the volume button can capture images and video
– Alert sound when an email arrives
– You can install Twitter so that it lets you use it all the time, no matter what your iPhone is running at the time.
– The photo editor for the iPhone’s camera has been improved.
– Notifications and alerts will not interrupt what you’re doing on your iPhone.
– The next updates of iOS 5 may be downloaded from your device without connecting to a computer.
– Free delivery of messages to your Apple devices.582

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