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New Year Celebrations:
phrases to invite your friends

New Year's Eve invitation templates

Looking for original phrases for New Year party invitation ?  . There is no better way to have the best time of the year than with your friends and all those special people you consider important in your life.

The end of the year and the welcome of the New Year are no exceptions.

Especially at this time, being surrounded by people you love is essential to be happy and start the year with the best zest.

To achieve this, a New Year party is always a good choice, to which all your friends will be invited to, so you have to dedicate them an original way to warn and encourage them to go to the special event you are organizing.

You can invite them through many ways: traditional letters of invitation or Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp.

Whichever way you choose, a cool phrase is never too much. If you have been looking for an example of how to write a sentence that will motivate your friends to pass New Year in your party, this article is for you. Here is a list of free texts that you can use for these occasions.

New Year’s Party
invitation wordings

:: “Come and live the New Year party with us, live an unforgettable 31st and memorable January 1st like never before in the best party of the year”.

:: “Don’t miss the opportunity to welcome the New Year in the best way. Do not miss this incredible festival that promises to bring happiness to all”.

:: “Come and enjoy the best party and the best reception of the first day of the year. Let’s celebrate together that the year coming is going to be successful”.

:: “You are specially invited to the best party of the year. Receive zero hours of the New Year in the best environment, friends, music and fun”.

:: “All of you are welcome to the New Year best celebration ever. Live one of the best experiences of the year at this event. You will not regret”.
happy New Year greeting cards for Facebook

New Year’s eve party invitation
wording examples

:: “The fun will be the only excuse. End the year receiving the best vibes of all the people who love you. Come to live a great New Year with us”.

:: “Let’s say goodbye to the year with the best of us, gather the good vibes of each and let’s pass a great moment. The unforgettable New Year’s party is waiting for us to start”.

:: “Let’s come to the best New Year’s party, where all your friends fill you with positive energy and where you will receive the New Year with the best of the best”.

:: “Risk everything in this party, there is no control and no limits. Enjoy every minute of this holiday. Do not miss the chance to have the better day of the year rounded by your real friends”.

:: “Save the sadness and crop out the happiness. Let’s receive the New Year with positive energy directly to our spirit. Come celebrate with all your friends an unforgettable New Year”.

:: “You don’t have to wait years to find the perfect party, this is what you are looking for, it will be gather all your friends, so it’s going to be the funniest party ever”.

We are sure that these phrases are effective to encourage your friends to attend a year-end event. Enjoy your party and come back soon for more quotes.Get happy New Year quotes for Whatsapp & FB

Short messages of love
for New Year’s Eve

The end of the year is approaching, and we all want to let that special little person know how much we love her, letting her know how important she is in our lives.

To help you accomplish this task, today we bring you a series of beautiful messages that are full of love and that you can send her this December 31st at midnight. Dare to use them and remember that they are 100% free.

How do you wish someone
a Happy New Year?

:: “My love, it has been a gift to share this year with you, you are more than I ever dreamed. I want all your dreams to come true this New Year’s Eve”.

:: “Happy New Year, my life! I’ll love you always, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me!”.

:: “I know this year that’s about to begin will be full of challenges, but I’m not afraid because we’ll face them together. I love you forever”.

:: “The future is ours, my love, because together we can achieve everything. Happy New Year!”.

:: “A New Year is coming and with it, infinite possibilities to do what we set out to do. I know that together no one will stop us. I love you”.

:: “Happy New Year, my queen! Let’s raise our glasses and celebrate. I love you!”.

Short happy New Year wishes to friends and family on Whatsapp

What should I write in
a Happy New Year card?

:: “Growing up with you inspires me to be better every day and this New Year won’t make a difference. Let’s go for more, my love!”.

:: “Let’s leave all the bad things behind and start looking to the future that is full of beautiful possibilities. Happy New Year, baby!”.

:: “The past year has left us with valuable lessons that we will use to face the challenges ahead. I love you very much, my life”.

:: “It was our first Christmas together and now we have our first New Year’s party coming up. I can’t be more grateful for everything good that is happening to us. I love you”.

:: “Have a happy New Year, my love. You deserve all the good things in the world. Love you”.

Best romantic happy New Year
wishes and messages

:: “A year of success is coming, I’m sure of it, my life. You’ll see we’ll do great things together. Happy New Year!”.

:: “My love, may the year that’s about to begin be everything you ever dreamed of. Here’s to us”.

:: “Laughing with you, hugging you and having the privilege of being with you are the reasons I am grateful for the time that has gone by. Cheers to what’s coming!”.

:: “I hope that next year will be even better than the one that has just passed, because with you I feel capable of achieving anything, my love”.

:: “May all that comes be filled with love and the happiness you deserve, my life. Happy New Year’s Eve!”.Download magical New Year love messages

Sweet New Year greeting cards
for Whatsapp and Facebook

:: “Baby, you have no idea how happy I am to be beside someone like you. In your eyes I have discovered true love. Love you!”.

:: “With you every day is a celebration and a true joy. Thank you for everything and happy New Year, baby”.

:: “You are my strength, my motivation and the light of my eyes. Thank you for being by my side. I love you very much and I wish you the best New Year”.

:: “This is the first of many New Years we will celebrate together, my love. I adore you!”.

:: “Congratulations on this New Year! I’m sure the love I feel for you is only going to keep growing”.Wishing you a happy New Year darling Whatsapp messages

Find original romantic happy New Year
text for Whatsapp

:: “I’m happy knowing that, at twelve o’clock, my eyes will look into yours and we will know that we are meant for each other. I love you, my life”.

:: “You are my joy in life, my love. I’m the happiest person by your side and I wish you the best. Happy New Year!”.

:: “Imagining my life without you is impossible now that you are by my side, because you have shown me a world full of love that I don’t want to leave behind. Happy New Year, thank you for everything”.

:: “Your voice is my favorite sound and your magic hypnotizes me. I love you like you have no idea and I wish you the best New Year’s Eve ever”.

What did you think of the messages we presented to you? Personalize them as you wish and send them to the one who makes your heart beat. See you soon with more content. Bye!happy New Year wishes for friends, family, & Whatsapp status

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