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Benefits of being a Canadian permanent resident :

Latin residents in Canada have access to a series of benefits, which even go down to their descendants. Before mentioning those benefits, it must be said that Canada has a great racial and cultural diversity, and so it is a pleasant place for any migrant. Furthermore, there is a lot of respect, freedom and equality among people in Canada.

Now then, regarding the benefits Canada has to offer to its Latin residents, first it must be mentioned that all residents in this country have the same social benefits any Canadian citizen has, that is, they live, study and work in any Canadian city. Also, they access health insurance, social security and subsidies in educational institutions.

Education is not only free (taxes pay for it), but it is also of the highest quality. Law mandates that all children and teenagers receive free education until they are 15 or 16 years old.

Canada’s health system is designed to provide health services to all its residents. For that reason, all permanent residents can apply for a health insurance. Most health services are paid for with taxes.

Secondly, all interested Latin residents can apply for Canadian citizenship. To be able to do that, they must have lived in Canada three out of the last four years; in other words, they might have been away from Canadian territory for a year, but still be able to obtain citizen status.

Thirdly, Latin residents in Canada can have protection under the country’s law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. Due to its low crime rate, Canada provides security for its residents.

Fourthly, Latin residents’ children born in Canada get an automatic Canadian citizenship and receive the Canadian passport to travel; that is, they will not need a permanent resident card.

No resident has a fixed status. That is, there is a time limit to be away from Canadian territory. For instance, in order to still be a permanent resident they must live in Canada for at least two out of five years. Canadian authorities pay attention to the resident’s permanence in Canada for at least 730 out of 1825 days (5 years).

Lastly, it must be mentioned that, like all Canadian citizens, permanent residents in Canada are mandated to pay taxes and to respect Canadian federal, provincial and municipal laws. Likewise, residents in Canada do not have right to vote or to hold a political office.

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