Last modified 10/05/2023

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Colombia also benefits from the latest technological innovations in internet and cell phone services.

Nowadays, the country of coffee and vallenato has the latest in telecommunications, because the local operators get all technological novelties to offer its clients the best. Among the companies that offer these phone services are Movistar, Comcel and Tigo.

Comcel : has been operating in Colombia for many years, offering personal and business cell phone services. It has different plans, such as prepaid and postpaid, to purchase the phone service, and the mobile internet service. Among its novelties in the Colombian market, and which have been successful from the start, there are Messenger Comcel and digital HD satellite cell phone television services, only for postpaid clients.

Movistar : As for Movistar, it can be said that it is completely consolidated in the Colombia market, because of the prestige is has gained through the years and it has the latest technology in telecommunications, all of which has helped it provide a good service to its prepaid and postpaid clients. Movistar stands out from its competitors for its different special offers to its Colombian clients. Also, it provides internet, messaging and open digital television services.

Movistar novelties and a variety of cell phones which have great demand in the Colombian market. Among this operator’s novelties is wireless internet through USB memory, which helps to connect to internet from anywhere.

Tigo :Lastly, there is the Tigo cell phone service provider. Like the previous companies, it provides internet and phone services. Tigo provides many plans and products according to what their clients can afford; it also offers special offers and discounts on cell phones and great mobile internet coverage. Additionally, this company provides one of the best phone and internet services, for both individual and business users who can choose the plans that best suits their needs.

Colombia is the site of a strong battle to control the cell phone service market. Comcel is the best positioned in this country and is the leader in the Colombian market thanks to the good service it provides and its quality products. This recognition is due also to the number of years it has been in the market.

Lastly, Comcel keeps working so that its national range reaches all of Colombia, and so everyone can enjoy this company’s plans and cell phones.

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