Last modified 10/05/2023

cell phone with good browsing,best mobile phone for internet browsingWhich is best cell phone for internet browsing.? :

It is currently usual to have a cell phone to keep in touch, but there are different phones which do not only include voice communication. For that reason there are several companies responsible of producing mobile equipments with cutting edge technology for sophisticated functions.

For instance, cell phones have been adapted to browse the internet swiftly and easily. In this article you will find a list with the best mobiles to surf the internet:

BlackBerry Storm ( it is one of the latest models Blackberry has launched to the market. It is a Smartphone with a built-in 3.2 MP camera and a touch screen which has been greatly improved to offer a higher screen resolution.

It also has additional memory so its applications run correctly and easily for the user. Additionally, so as to improve the internet network, it has an international roaming with 3G, GSM and four band networks, together with wifi signal.

Motorola Q9 ( this new equipment beats by far all previous cell phone models. Motorola Q9 comes with a high resolution screen, which helps browse properly several websites. Also, this phone uses the Windows operating system as a platform.

For browsing the internet, it uses the 3G signal with full HTML. It is capable of a 3.6 Mbps speed for transferring information with HDSPA, which lets is get data via GPRS/EDGE Class 10 HSDPA 3.6. Lastly, it is associated to the GPS system, which is well located internationally.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 ( the Sony Ericsson trademark has launched to the market a modern and elegant cell phone which, besides a good design, has an optimal power which lets it multitask; it can even be personalized in the control panel.

It has a touch screen which helps run many applications, an interesting physical QWERTY keyboard as well as an optical joystick to browse websites more straightforwardly. With this phone you will be able to enter the internet very easily, and you will have the turbo 3G network which helps transferring audio and video data. It is ideal for videoconference calls, because of its 2.5 MP camera. Also, it has the wifi connection option, which helps browse the internet at a higher speed.

iPhone 4 ( Apple has put on the market the latest version of its iPhone, a phone with better technology. It has a Retina display which shows images and texts more clearly; it also includes the innovative FaceTime for video calls via its internet 3GS signal.

iPhone 4 can multitask because it has a built-in iOS4 system. Its mobile and wireless networks are GSM/EDGE type at 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz, with Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n a 2.4 GHz. All this phone’s characteristics make a simpler and faster internet browsing possible.

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