Tips for how to give a funeral speech or eulogy

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Losing a friend is one of the most painful experiences a person must endure in life. Everybody at some point has lost a friend, and it is hard for us to accept that a person we shared so many moments with and trusted with so many things, is no longer in our life.

Although the death of friends saddens our souls and leaves an empty space, we must move on and always remember them with joy. A way to accept the loss of a dear one is saying goodbye to them and telling everyone else what good friends they were and how we will miss them.

If you have recently lost a friend and are in charge of making a speech, just think of the nice moments you spent together, anecdotes and happiness. Try to let everybody know how important that person was in your life and the big empty space left behind. It should not be a long speech, but it must express a lot of feelings. Remember it is not only about making the rest cry, but also to make them smile in such a sad moment.

Next we give you a model speech for a friend’s death which will help you make your own according to your personal experience:

How to give a funeral speech or eulogy :

First of all, I would like to tell you all that I never thought about this day. I never imagined being here. And I never imagined having to say these words in front of you all. I do not know how long I can endure being here, but I hope I say what is most important. At least I promise I will try.

As many of you know, (name of the deceased) was my best friend, the brother I never had. I think we never told how we became friends, and it was quite strange. By God’s doing, we met during a trip to Cuzco, we were both alone in the train, and love was being a little bit hard on us; in fact, our girlfriends had left us for others. We quickly became friends and by the time we were back in Lima, we already knew all about our lives.

Since then, we shared countless outings, trips and parties. He was always a happy man. Thanks to him I became a better person. If I were to mention all the things I learned from him, I would never finish. I owe him so much; because of him, I have the family I never had before. He took me in as a brother and accepted me as a brother in law.

Thanks to him I met the love of my life. I do not know what I will do tomorrow when I get to work and not receive his daily phone call with some new joke. I feel so strange; there are times when I still feel this is all a nightmare.

But when I understand this is real, my only comfort is in knowing he is in a better place; up there he will be with me wherever I go, until we meet and laugh again like we used to.

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