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Times for tourism have changed. A travel agency is no longer necessary to program a circuit which they finance themselves. We can now define our own tour route depending on the money in our pockets. We can use the web to find lodgings, transportation and define circuits.

Canada´s immense territory is in contrast with the low percentage of land occupied by big cities. This will help you set the required times for a big trip, when you only want to visit cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec. Their tourism resources are related to skiing, enjoying diverse festivals, museums and shops. Any tourist who wants to travel to Canada must first decide what they want to know and do in their trip: ski, travel to the Niagara Falls, go to the beach or visit museums.

They must always consider what kind of weather they will find: either winters or summers can be very cold or very hot. This will define the kind of clothes to wear. People who are not used to extreme weather are advised to travel in autumn, which believe it or not is the season with the lowest prices (high season is July to September). Depending on the zone, the traveler must evaluate their fluency in English or French, because they are Canada´s official languages. The traveler visiting Canada should know its currency is the Canadian dollar.

One of the most popular specialized web pages where the exchange rate can be looked up is, which will help you avoid economic problems on your trip. Credit cards like Visa, Mastercard and American Express can be freely used, but it is recommended you also carry traveler´s checks in Canadian currency. Canada has many international airports like Pierre Elliott Trudeau -Montreal, Pearson -Toronto and Vancouver.

You must find out which is closest to your travel destination. Travelers arriving from Europe on passenger cruises must know that Montreal is the only prepared port. Its webpage is If you do not have much time to travel between cities, it is advisable to fly, whether on Air Canada ( or on WesJet Airlines (

You can purchase tickets and tours, and book hotels on their web pages. Considering the huge distances between cities, you can travel on train on VIA Rail Canada, which serves 450 destinations on Canadian territory. Its webpage is, with options in Spanish and advice for travelers. One advantage of travelling by train is that you can actually know the Canadian territory. You can buy the Canrailpass card, which allows you to travel 7 times all around Canada in 21 days. You can also take the road by bus with Greyhound

All of them offer discounts and you can purchase tickets online. In terms of lodging, hotel prices can fluctuate from 82 to 267 Canadian dollars. Check prices at and for guest houses where prices go from 13 to 47 Canadian dollars.

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canada low cost,canada tourist resources,canada tourist tips,tourist tips for Canada,travel and tourist tips for Canada,travel to canada,vacation in canada,visit canada

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