Last modified 10/05/2023

How to find hotels and travel around France without overspending :

There are plenty of things to see and do in such a marvelous country as France, where there are outstanding things such as museums, galleries, restaurants, the French Alps and Pyrenees, the wine regions of Champagne and Bordeaux, and of course the fantastic streets of Paris, Cannes, Marseille, Nice, Lyon and Lens.

There are so many places we would love to visit, but money matters make it impossible to go to all of them.
Therefore, this article gives you information on how to save money during your stay in France. The best way to avoid spending more on a trip is getting low priced accommodations. We believe it is better to forfeit some commodity in order to live a true adventure in a different and interesting country.

Ideally you should research low priced hotels before travelling to France, as it would be much harder to get that information once in France. The following advice is based on data provided by several internet web pages. Remember this communication media is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Before choosing the hotel where you will stay during your trip in France, you must answer this question: what do you expect from a hotel in France? Your answer should be related, for instance, to the number of rooms you need, how long your sojourn will last, and obviously how much you are willing to pay for lodging. It is worth mentioning that depending on the French city you visit, hotel fees can vary significantly.

Next we give you a list with the most recommended websites regarding hotel information and prices.

All these sites have an option to book and purchase online :
– provides a wide hotel selection in France. Its main advantage is that it helps get a list sorted by the selected city. This site’s main objective is to provide the best lodging for you tourist visit. Remember to check the information it provides.

This is a Spaniard website that offers the possibility of selecting the required information sorted by price, hotel names in alphabetical order, hotel category and tourist operator. After entering your keywords, you get information about the hotel’s exact location, room prices for your entire sojourn, and all the services provided by the hotel.

– is considered the best specialized website about hotels, because it provides very detailed information on all hotels in their database. On this site, users can see photographs, services provided by the selected hotel, costs, location maps, interesting places nearby and a selected hotel comparison. No other website provides so much information so simply and quickly.

This is the most suitable website for tourists who plan to visit Paris (France), as it provides information only about that city. Here you can also find comments and recommendations posted by other users, as well as videos, and it is always very important to consider other tourists’ opinions.

You must check the information provided by as it has a very complete list of hotels all over Europe. Interestingly, this site offers big discounts to visit the best places in France and Europe. For instance, if you want to live temporarily in a chalet in the Alps, in medieval castles or in the Côte d’Azur beach line, then visit this site and it will help you find the lowest possible price.

Lastly, we leave you a last and very important recommendation. Remember, to get the year’s lowest hotel prices always, you must book well beforehand. Also, travelling off-season if affordable for all tourists, because that is when they access the best offers and discounts by tourist agencies, flights, hotels, etc.

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