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A precise text message, in which you can prove the depth of your heart, always be a detail very appreciated by your partner. He or she will remind you and won’t stop thinking about you.

Here are some phrases that will help you to send to your boyfriend or girlfriend thus brighten him/her the day.

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– “Hey, listen, you, yes you, the person with the happiest smile I’ve seen in my life. I just wish you never forget that you are everything to me and without you my life would have no meaning. “
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– “I do not know why I love you so much. Is it because with you everything is more beautiful and more joyful? Or is it because, really, without you, nothing would be the same?
Category : Best love messages

– “Countless times your name has gone out of my lips, I have been a victim of your touch. There is no turning back, you are necessary to me to continue. “
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– “When my hugs make you feel the heat, all the love I feel for you spreads throughout the atmosphere. It is impossible to have a love that compare to the love I feel for you. “

Category : Best love messages

– “I do not remember how things were before I met you, just know that you showed up and you changed everything. Filled me with your love and your touch. Without you by my side you would find greater meaning in life. “
Category : Best love messages

– “I have a very guarded secret in the bottom of my heart. And I’m ashamed to tell you. But I overcome this foolish ashamed to say I love you too. I love that you loved me too and we filled me with kisses. “
Category : Best love messages

– “Walking next to you means seeing things totally different. At your side, everything is beautiful, everything is funny. Never separate from me, since I have you in my heart and it would hurt me too.”
Category : Best love messages

– “My happiness came along with your love. There is nothing more sublime than the taste of your kisses. I am quite sure I will discover more beautiful things with you my life. “
Category : Best love messages

romantic text messages for girlfriend,romantic love quotations for girlfriend
– “There is nothing in this world, flowers, chocolates or cards that compare to your love. I really do not care if we can not go out tomorrow, I only care to live the rest of my life with you. “

Category : Best love messages

– “Every little detail, every touch, every moment spent together will remain impregnated in my heart for the rest of my life. Because there are things you never forget, even if we want.”
Category : Best love messages

– “You are my happiness and I won’t let anything or anyone to take you off me. You’ll be the most beautiful flower of all the flowers and you’ll take care as if my life depended on it.”
Category : Best love messages

– “My greatest wish is to have your love and live next to you all my life. At all times you are in my thoughts and I’m very happy around you. “
Category : Best love messages

– “Everything good that happens to me is because you are by my side, so I want to also be worthy of your love. Let me get your heart and be the one that entertains you on the coldest nights and make you laugh at the saddest moments “
Category : Best love messages

– “You have to look into your eyes directly to resolve my conflicts, it also just need to talk to more of you fall in love. You make my life more bearable. Never get away from me my life.”
Category : Best love messages

Hopefully these sentences are useful to revive the flame of love between you and your partner. And remember that details in your relationship are appreciated and show your true love.

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