Last modified 10/05/2023

Discovering Spain: how to find cheap hotels in Spain :

Spain, a world destination, increased the tourist wave when low- cost airlines appeared. These companies enable low-priced flights for those tourists who strive to visit it, and who also look for low-priced hotels with a daily fee of under 35 euros to save money to be able to visit more Madrid places.

Until some time ago, whenever someone wanted to travel anywhere in the world, even Spain, they needed a travel agency to provide them with a travel plan that included lodging, meals and guided visits to certain monuments, all for a price that usually was too high, because it comprised very expensive hotels. This allowed access only to wealthy travelers.

Along with Internet, new tourist information access choices appeared, so travel agencies, airlines, hotels and other operators could spread on their own websites information about low cost deals. This was possible because many former fixed costs were eliminated. But in the vast Internet world emerged specialized tourism websites with multiple information about traditional airline flights, low-priced flights from low-cost airlines, room bookings in one star to five star hotels, guest houses (hostal) at lower prices and car rental agencies.

Before starting our search for accomodation, we must first know how much we can afford daily for lodging, and this will help us know what kind of a hotel or guest house we require. On the websites, it will be enough to enter some simple requested information, such as city to visit, sojourn dates and number of visitors. After a click, it will show us a list of hotels, their locations and main features.

According to our preferences, we can choose our hotel, book it and pay for it online.
Specialized website
e-Dreams travel agency forwards your choice to the hotel´s website so you can book your room and pay for it.

Specialized website
This website searches for the lowest-priced hotel deal among 250 tourism suppliers. When it finds a sample, the website forwards you to the operator´s website, where you actually book and pay for your room.

Specialized website
This website helps you find a hotel you can afford.

Specialized website
This website looks up a database which comprises 70.000 hotels and guest houses.

In this website you can also find apartments with appealing rent prices.

Finally, you must remember that this lodging prices are possible when you book beforehand and right after you discover them online.

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